Wrapper: Indonesian                         Binder: Dominican

Filler: Cuban seed Dominican            Strength: mild

Sizes: 6 “ long x 44 rg

Tatiana Classic Cherry Flavored CigarsTatiana Classic is not only one of the smoothest cigars that one can find, but it is also one of the leading cigars in the United States. The aroma from this cigar will amuse all of your senses and fill the room with a magnificent fragrance. These cigars are crafted from the highest quality Dominican tobacco. Each one is a carefully hand rolled with an Indonesian wrapper and contains a binder from the Dominican Republic.

As you would expect from one of the nations leading cigars, the Tatiana Classic will not leave you disappointed in the aroma field. One whiff of this Tatiana cigar will keep your senses starving for more and more of this lush cigar. A mild, yet fragrant scent will engulf the room into a delightful array of delicious odors. Not too strong on the senses, but powerful enough to leave an impression that will delight your senses.

Each Tatiana Classic cigar is made delicately so that each one holds its own, unique, first-rate flavor. Every cigar will go through a unique process, which uses only the finest flavors and oils. However, this cigar is one of the most affordable, which makes it convenient for a variety of smokers in the market. This fabulous cigar is available in a variety of flavors that are sure to meet the needs of everyone. They can be purchased in boxes, bundles, or tins, and range from exotic flavors, to classic flavors, such as vanilla classic, cinnamon classic, classic chocolate, honey classic, classic cherry, and rum classic. Any smoker will be sure to find at least one of these mild cigars that will arouse their taste buds and satisfy their craving for something a little sweeter.

The burning time of the Tatiana Classic cigar will last about a grand total of 30 to 45 minutes. The burn of the cigar is even throughout the entire smoke. It will make the smoking time a pleasant and relaxing experience that will seem to never end. All of the tobacco is aged a minimum of 2 years, which will ensure you a smooth, mellow smoke from each puff. This marvelous cigar is definitely one that can be enjoyed either alone, or shared with friends. Regardless, the flavor and sensuous smell is something that is very important to many smokers. And this cigar will not disappoint where any of those factors are concerned.

Overall, the Tatiana Classic is a cigar that will not just meet the needs of a cigar of its price, but also go above and beyond its expectations. It is affordable in price, but exceeds its expectation in the flavor with a smooth, and sugary sweet taste. The fragrant aroma will leave an enduring impression on not only the smoker, but also on the others in the room. Its alluring and pleasant smell will invite all of your senses to keep coming back for more. After smoking this cigar, it becomes quite obvious why it has been ranked as one of the leading cigars in the United States and should have a place in most humidors of cigar smokers that enjoy a flavored cigar.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017



Hello, could you export cigars Tatiana to Mauritius isle? thank's

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