Origin: Dominican Republic Filler: Dominican

Wrapper: Indonesia Binder: Dominican

Strength: Mild to Medium

Tatiana Cherry Flavored Cigar TinTatiana Tins are available in almost any of their flavored cigar series. There are almost a dozen to choose from, and they are all 4 inch x 30 ring gauge. They come in tins of ten and are made in the Dominican Republic. They are all hand rolled and made with Dominican long leaf fillers and binders, and then wrapped in an Indonesian wrapper.

Let’s go into a little history of the brand before we delve into the fabulous taste of the Tatiana Tins. In 1989, Nestor and Mariana Miranda started their company and called it Miami Cigar and Company. They are both originally from Holguin, Cuban. They came to the U.S. and settled in Miami, Florida. The headquarters of the company are there also. Miami Cigar and Company sold over forty thousand cigars during their first year of business. Now they sell millions of cigars every year, and are successful purveyors the world over. They are known for their premium cigars, but the Tatiana Flavored Cigar collection is one of their biggest sellers. 1996 was the year that they released the Tatiana brand. It is named after their daughter Tatiana Miranda. She is currently the brand manager of Tatiana Flavored Cigars. They currently hold over 43% of the flavored cigar market share, and are one of the leading brands of flavored cigars sold in the U.S. They continue to strive for perfection with their cigars. They want to be able to offer a variety of cigars so everyone can enjoy them. The Tataina Flavored Cigars have helped them do just that.

The flavors that are offered in the Tatiana Tins vary in taste. They have their more traditional flavors, as well as some new blends that are available. The new blends consist of Groovy Blue, Waking Dream and Night Cap. Groovy Blue has a rich tobacco taste that is blended with vanilla dipped raspberries, hints of honey, and cognac. Waking Dream has flavors of vanilla cream and hazelnuts, with single malt whiskey. The tobacco itself has been infused with herbs and has notes of a wood flavor. The Night Cap has a rich cocoa flavor that blends well with the coffee flavors. There are notes of toasted almonds and warm vanilla.

Tatiana Tins are also available in Rum, Cherry, Vanilla, Mandarin, Honey, Amaretto, Cappuccino, Cinnamon and Tropical. Rum has delightful hints of spice, mixed with molasses. Cherry is rich tobacco, infused with premium cherry oils. Vanilla uses premium tobacco infused with a sweet vanilla. Mandarin has hints of spice mixed with a sweet orange flavor. Honey is a sweet honey flavor that is supremely blended with fine tobacco. Amaretto is an almond flavor tobacco that makes for a pleasantly mild cigar. Cappuccino tastes just like a cup of fresh espresso. Cinnamon has hints of the spice, but with an added sweetness to make this extra enjoyable. Tropical is a rich tobacco blend infused with sweet tropical flavors.

The best selling flavors of the Tatiana Tins are the Vanilla and Honey, so what better ones to choose from for a review. The Vanilla is filled with rich Dominican long fillers and then wrapped in a beautiful brown Indonesian wrapper. The tobacco has been allowed to age for two years before it is used. Then they are infused with the best vanilla available. The aroma of the cigar straight out of the box is an intoxicating vanilla. Upon lighting the cigar, the vanilla aroma envelopes the room as it blends with a creamy white smoke. The vanilla taste mellows with the tobacco. The overall construction of this cigar is solid, with no soft spots. The draw is a bit loose, but it does not affect the burn. The burn is straight throughout the smoke. The flavor is consistent throughout, with a wonderful blend of the vanilla sweetness and mild tobacco.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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