Swag Dominican CigarsFew stogies compare to the excellence found in Swag Dominican cigars. These stand out in a crowd because it is one of the few brands that utilize nothing but the best tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. It is not just the birthplace of the tobaccos that set these above the rest. The perfect fermentation process and superior balance of flavors ensure a top notch smoking experience for any smoker.

These Swag Dominican cigars come in six different sizes. The Ego is 6 by 60; the Elite is 7 by 38; the Fierce is 6.5 by 52; the Infamous is 6 by 54; the Lavish is 5 by 54; and the Quickie is 5.5 by 42. Each size is aged to perfection with a shiny sheen wrapper that promises of the excellence to come. For the ultimate experience, try a sampler pack where each of the sizes is represented allowing the consumer to choose the best size. With a sampler pack, the smoker can share with friends, or keep them in their humidor for a later time.

Oliveros has really created a winner with this exceptional line of stogies. Performance is top notch, and the look is second to none. Each one is created from the top part of the plant, which is called the Ligero. The tobacco leaves are sun dried, and this often means that the leaves have a fuller body and thicker appearance. Usually, the Ligero has more nicotine and the aging process is longer because of the thickness of the leaves. Only the finest Dominican tobaccos are used to create these Swag Dominican cigars.

Simplicity is the key. The simple robust flavor of rich cedar prevails through the first few puffs of this cigar. However, the cedar taste is soon followed by the slightest hints of sweetness and pepper. Reviewers claim that the first third is exceptionally smooth and very easy on the senses.

The transitioning between first third and second third is smooth with thick plumes of white smoke. There are the slight caramel flavors that coat the palate, and the second third finds the cedar notes are mellowing with a nutty sweetness coming to the forefront. The pepper is almost completely gone leaving behind an almost fruity flavor.

The second third transitions smoothly, with the final third bringing in a slight coffee flavor that highlights the other tastes. These Swag Dominican cigars definitely please all of the senses. The smoker is left satisfied with the consistency in the core taste highlighted with the other flavors. These have a very even burn that keeps the smoker focused on the experience instead of touching up the burn.

Swag Dominican cigars are a favorite among smokers because it is even and consistent. From the first draw to the final drop of the ash, the smoker enjoys the experience provided by these highly prized stogies. Manufactured from the best Dominican Ligero leaves that have been fermented to perfection, these offer a wonderland of flavors. These stogies will go fast, and with a price that does not break the bank, these are a true winner. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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