Storing Cigars in a HumidorStoring your cigars should be done in a humidor.  A humidor is a box lined with cedar.  The cedar helps age and flavor cigars and keeps them moist at an optimal level of humidity. 

The ideal relative humidity for storing cigars should be around 70 percent RH and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the best smoking experience.  At this temperature and relative humidity, the tobacco burns evenly and tastes the best.  A dry cigar will burn too fast and taste harsh.  A moist cigar it will be hard to keep lit, and it will be very prone to mold. 

Warm air inside a humidor is essential to storing cigars because it has a higher moisture capacity than cold air. 

The humidor should be kept closed at all times and sealed against the outside atmosphere.  This helps to maintain prime levels of temperature and humidity inside the humidor.  Of course, you will also need a high-quality humidifier that will actually do the work of regulating air moisture levels.   

  The ideal place for storing cigars is in a cool, dry, place out of the sun.  Light can affect cigars just like humidity and temperature can.  Cigars should not ever be exposed to UV light, so always keep them out of direct sunlight.  Sunlight also bleaches cigar wrappers and destroys their elasticity.  Ultraviolet light also degrades the molecular composition of the wrapper. 

Another problem with storing cigars in direct sunlight is that it will also raise the temperature inside the humidor.  Temperature has a direct impact on humidity, which is why we use the term relative humidity to describe the relationship between humidity and temperature.  Temperatures above 75 degrees can make tobacco beetle eggs hatch and tobacco beetles active. 

Tobacco Beetles are a very real danger when not storing cigars properly.  Eggs can survive the fumigation process and remain dormant in the tobacco leaf.  If conditions become right for them to hatch, they can ruin the best of cigars.  The beetles will tunnel to the surface of the cigar and go on to neighboring cigars and boxes. 

There are other things to be on the lookout for when storing cigars that might damage them.

Friction damages cigars a great deal more than most people think.  Consider how many of the loose cigars look when a person enters a walk-in humidor.  So many of these have handled and handled again, that they have gotten scuffed up and torn.  Once a tear forms in a wrapper, it is hard to stop. 

Certain adhesives can repair this, but why not rely on proper storage, instead, to begin with?   

It is not a good idea to mix different brands and levels of flavor when storing loose cigars.  Cigars impart flavor to one other by touching due to the fact that so much of the flavor is in the wrapper.  When storing cigars of different brands in a humidor, be sure to separate them from each other. 

If you have not yet bought a humidor, you can use alternative methods of storing cigars such as Tupperdors, Coolerdors, and Fridgadors.  For a few singles, use a Ziploc bag, but only for a few days.  Add a few drops of water to a small piece of paper towel or sponge to get the humidity back. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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