Ashton Cigar SamplerSmokers always have favorites when it comes to stogies, and those favorites are often some of the most famous cigars the industry has to offer. Names such as CAO, Ashton, Gurkha, and Cohiba are popular favorites for all levels of smokers. But what sets those apart from the rest? How can an enthusiast find an ideal smoke utilizing the properties commonly discovered with some of those famous cigars provided by the big names?

Cohiba is a popular premium cigar produced in either Cuba or the Dominican Republic. Cohiba means tobacco, and these are a superb example of what a premium smoke should be. The extremely long fermentation process has ensured the Cohiba is a favorite for all that have enjoyed them. In addition, the Cohiba brand is available in a variety of popular sizes. Some of the most popular series include: The La Linea Clasica Series, The La Linea 1492 Series, The Maduro 5 Series, The Behike Series, and Edicion Limitada Releases.

Gurkha Wicked IndieNo list of famous cigars would be complete without adding Gurkha. This company has a reputation for providing some of the most exceptional stogies on the market. Probably one of the most well-known in the world is His Majesty’s Reserve. This limited edition is actually infused with some of the rarest and most delicious cognac in the world. Each box sells for at least $15,000. Some names associated with Gurka include: Ancient Warrior, Royal Challenge, Signature Black 1887 and Red 1887, Master Select, Dragon Fire, and Assassin.

Ashton smokes have quickly become a high end favorite. Ashton is by far the most prestigious cigar makers at this time. In addition, these are extremely rare making each one a treasure to possess. There are no gimmicks with these fine sticks. Instead, delicious, smooth flavors and stability make each one unique. Each hand rolled stogie is made of the finest handpicked tobaccos insuring a flawless construction. When people hear the name Ashton, smokers gather for a superior experience.

CAO sticks are another one of the premium brands that keep smokers coming back for more. Each one is a beautifully wrapped representation of why this brand is considered one of the most famous cigars on the market. The consistent construction has ensured this brand will remain desirable for generations. Some of the more popular series available with CAO include: CAO Gold, CAO Italia, CAO VR, CAO Lx2, CAO Criollo, and CAO America. These popular series provide a wide array of options for any level of smoker.

Cohiba Sampler PackDeciding what qualities they all have in common can help assist a smoker get an exceptional cigar regardless of the price. Similar qualities are often shared between all sticks. What are some of those commonalities?

Whether the tobacco is fermented longer, hand picked, hand rolled, or specially cured, the tobacco is one of the most important factors of a good smoke. An exceptional brand will have techniques that set that brand apart from the rest. In addition, those tobaccos are specially chosen to guarantee nothing but the best.

Another commonality found with all famous cigars is that each one is consistent. Consistency builds up the reputation of the brand name. People want a consistent experience, and that consistency builds trust and popularity. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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