Lost City Cigar SamplerJust the mention of the Lost City Cigar assortment or sampler by Fuente Fuente OpusX is enough to make any aficionado drool in anticipation. Director and actor Andy Garcia collaborated with the legendary Carlito Fuente to produce one of the rarest and most incredible cigars in the world. The birth of this legend was accidental and came about from a movie. Looking at the intriguing history of the unique stogie is also a closer look at Cuban history.

The Lost City was a movie released in 2005 which was directed by and starred Andy Garcia. The plot dealt with the transition from the oppressiveness of the Batista regime to the new Marxist era led by Fidel Castro. The new regime is confiscating tobacco farms. Two brothers, Fico and Ricardo, are the stars of the film with one playing a nightclub owner and the other a high ranking official in the new Marxist government. The official visits the farm to warn the uncle of the impending confiscation with dire effects.

How did the movie create the Lost City Cigar assortment?

For the film, Garcia wanted realism. He needed a real tobacco field to act as the backdrop for the filming of the uncle’s farm. It was vital to replicate a Cuban farm. Garcia met with Carlito Fuente and visited the Chateau de la Fuente. The beauty of the location took Garcia’s breath away. He stated his immense disappointment, however, at the upcoming harvest. The tobacco field was an ideal location for the film, and Fuente had a proposition for the director.

He proposed planting a few acres of tobacco even though it would be a summer harvest instead of a spring harvest. Garcia was thrilled. Once the shoots were taken for the film, the question as to what to do with the tobacco came up when the two men spoke. It was decided if the tobacco was suitable after aging then it would be used. The name of the movie was incorporated and the project benefited the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. This group educates and supports health care within the Dominican Republic.

It took five years before the Lost City Cigar assortment was born. The aging process was carefully controlled. After this lengthy process, not only was the tobacco good, but the summer harvest was incredible!

Each release is extremely limited and the Lost City Cigar assortment has only 1,000 boxes produced. Every purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity, a serial number and is sold in a commemorative keepsake box. The wrapper, the binder and the filler all originate from the farm in the Dominican Republic. Hand-rolled and strong flavors make this a favorite premium stick for all aficionados. Exotic fruit flavors and roasted cedar make the experience that much better.

The Lost City Cigar assortment of stogies is an incredible product with a fascinating history. The summer harvested tobaccos were better than ever imagined. The packaging is outstanding with a container that will become a favorite in any office or home space. Each edition is limited making it a task for the smoker to find any for sale, regardless of the price. When enjoying the stick, the smoker can appreciate that the funds are going to a charitable organization.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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