Serious Cigars House Cigar Sorullos!Serious Cigars newest addition to its portfolio, the Sorullos, is also an exclusive that can’t be found anywhere else. One of the most admirable things about the tobacco industry is the intense passion that fills it. From the farmers in the field to the most recognizable blenders, the drive to create a memorable cigar is something everyone shares. Through this blend, Serious Cigars celebrates the art of cigar crafting and its often deeply personal nature. These sticks aren’t some mass produced, lifeless product, but are instead the unique creation of a single roller in Nicaragua.

A currently popular movement in the tobacco industry is the rustic cigar. There’s something unique about opening up a bundle of stogies that have subtle differences between each of them. Perhaps some of them are slightly larger or smaller. Maybe this one has more veining and that one feels a bit heavier or gives a little when squeezed. In the age of cigar molds, there aren’t many examples of a factory embracing the small quirks that can give each stick its own feel. With Sorullos, Serious Cigars introduces the idea of imperfect perfection, the belief that a skilled roller doesn’t need a mold to craft a stogie worth smoking.

This blend consists of an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro, an Indonesian binder and Nicaraguan fillers from Esteli and Jalapa. The blend was discovered during a trip to a small factory in Nicaragua. While walking through and observing the factory’s operations, representatives with Serious Cigars noticed one of the factory’s rollers working on his own personal blend while on the job. Between rolling molded sticks for another blend, this worker grabbed a handful of other tobaccos and quickly, roughly wrapped a smoke for himself. As this was an unusual sight, it fascinated one of the people with Serious Cigars. He asked the roller and the factory managers if he could try the blend, and after some resistance, they relented. Stogie rollers take their craft extremely seriously, so they don’t let just anyone try a blend before it has been perfected. However, even in its rough state, it produced excellent flavor and an interesting feel. Serious Cigars knew it had to bring it in on an exclusive basis, and thus the Sorullos became an official blend.

While the earth and tobacco flavors make this blend a delicious treat, it’s how it is rolled that makes it truly special. The only person in the world capable of making this blend produces every single stick, and no mold is used during the process. This means that every stogie is slightly different in construction and feel.

Aficionados who love rustic style sticks will find a lot to like here. The blend comes with an exposed binder and is rough to the touch. Because it isn’t pressed into a mold, it gives some when squeezed, especially near the nub. It is considered a medium bodied blend and is extremely consistent in flavor from start to finish, making it an easy smoke to relax to.

Tobacco enthusiasts are serious about their hobby, looking for any opportunity to connect with the industry. This blend was made for these enthusiasts in mind and is as close as an aficionado can get to having a cigar custom made for them by a talented roller.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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