Buy Sencillo Classi Cigars OnlineSencillo Classic cigars are finely blended products. Habano de Jamastran is the tobacco that makes up the wrapper as well as the filler. The binder is the same. Piloto Cubano tobacco is also used in the filler. Because all of these tobaccos are grown in Honduras, this is a true puro.

The Sencillo Classic cigar is characterized as a medium as well as a full bodied cigar. It presents a spicy flavor combined with an earthy flavor in combination to evolve to a very distinctive smoke.

The Churchill is described as being a medium bodied offering. You will taste a very unassuming hint of spice. Overall this is rated as one of the smoother smokes. The Robusto is in a league of its own being extremely full bodied. The spiciness is definitely noticeable but not overwhelming. This creates a beautiful harmony that is easy to smoke and enjoy. The Double Robusto is a calmer version of the afore-mentioned cigar. The Piramide is visually stunning, almost regal looking. It also boasts being the most flavorful of the line.

If you are a fan of huge cigars, then the Gigante is definitely going to be sure to please your palate. This is one cigar that boasts a complexity that far exceeds what you will find in the other Sencillo Classic cigars. You will soon find slight hints of flavors such as nutmeg and a peppery taste from red and black peppers from the moment you light one of these beautiful offerings with your favorite cigar lighter. Cinnamon and Cardamom are also detectable flavors. As you smoke the cigar, you will come into a flavor of bitter cocoa as well. One reviewer said that this cigar reminds him of being in the Middle Eastern countries and of the beautiful aromas of a spice stall found in the local markets. Slight floral notes have even been detected while enjoying this smoke. This cigar is packed full of a wonderful set of scents and flavors that are not always readily identified but offer a wonderful flavor explosion that is unrivaled.

How ironic it is that a cigar would be named the Sencillo Classic cigar, with its name meaning simple in the Spanish language, when it is anything but a simple offering of puro Honduras tobacco. The flavors are many and quite complex for a cigar that is simple only in the fact that it is a Honduran puro in a truly magnificent line of smokes offered by Prometheus.

Sencillo Classic cigars may be relatively new but they are quickly making a name for themselves in the cigar smoking world. If you have yet to acquaint yourself with the Sencillo line, you might want to take time to visit your local cigar shop whether it is brick and mortar or an online business. If you were to bypass these truly inspirational cigars, you are missing out on one of the newest yet best offerings of a fine Honduras tobacco product to ever grace the cigar stage. Be sure to check out these cigars and all of the fine cigar accessories that Prometheus has to offer.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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