Sencillo Cigars For Cheap Online“Simple” is the Spanish meaning behind the name given to Sencillo Cigars, and that it is. From the cigar’s inspiration to their appearance and steady flavor, the Sencillo Cigar is a superb blend that is worth lighting up any day. Fairly new to the cigar scene Keith K. Park may have kept with the simple theme with these cigars, yet he created another masterpiece in the process.

Formerly an economics student, Keith K. Park dove head on into creating top of the line cigars. With previous success in the God of Fires, Angelenos, and Prometheus cigar lines, Sencillo Cigars, pronounced “sen-see-yo”, were inspired by a memorable meeting that he had with well known cigar maker Christian Eiroa. While Christian simply shared a cigar with a friend, the smoke left a lasting impression with Mr. Park. It eventually led him to create a line that would give fellow cigar smokers that same relaxing and pleasurable experience. His goal was to provide every user with the chance to “sit back and enjoy life”. With the production help of Christian Eiroa in Honduras, this line was officially launched in early 2010.

These reasonably priced cigars have been created completely of Honduran tobacco, making it truly a puro blend. The wrapper, filler, and binder utilize Habano de Jamastran tobacco while the filler adds a touch of Piloto Cubano tobacco for extra flavor. Handmade by highly skilled cigar rollers known as torcedors, the wrapper is found in a deep brown shade with a smooth feel in the hand. Each sports a classy silver and white band with a elegant letter “S” as a focal point. The Sencillo Cigar can be found in a wide range of gauges to fit the smoking preference of any cigar connoisseur. The sizes available include the Short Churchill, Robusto, Double Robusto, Piramide, and the slightly oversized Gigante.

According to cigar smoking reviewers, this medium to full bodied line of cigars all present a deep, spicy taste with subtle undertones of cinnamon and allspice. At times there are delicate sugary notes that come through to compliment the hot and spicy essence of these sticks. These general themes of flavor are apparent throughout the various sizes, yet each gauge offers its own individual flavor journey. Being the longest in the line, the Short Churchill has consistent spice throughout while the Robusto takes the intensity of spice up a notch without overpowering the experience. The Double Robusto offers a milder flavor than previous cigars without taking away from the overall taste. An additional leathery undertone can be sensed as well. The sophisticated Piramide is the most aromatic of the line with a bit of the spicy kick that the Robustos offer. Lastly, is the impressive Gigante, measuring in at almost an inch in diameter. This multifaceted stogie has all the intense flavors of its brand counterparts with a number of additional unexpected flavor and aroma bursts along the way. Hints of pepper, cocoa, and nutmeg shine through at various stages of the draw.

When Keith K. Park envisioned what Sencillo Cigars would be he hoped that they would encompass what cigars are truly supposed to represent, unwinding and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. No matter what size stick is smoked, any true cigar aficionado will be in for a relaxing journey they will remember and want to experience time and time again. Stock your humidor today wherever you are with our convenient online cigar shop!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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