Wrapper: Colorado Habana                 Binder: Dominican Crilollo

Origin: Dominican Republic                  Filler: Corojo, Corillo 98’, Havana Vuelta Arriba

Strenth: Medium

Schrader HispaniolaThe Schrader Hispaniola is a limited edition cigar, launched in the fall of 2010. Fred Schrader, owner of Schrader Cellar Wines in Napa Valley, California enlisted the help of his friend Pete Johnson of Havana Cellars to distribute his new line of cigars. Only 11,500 Schrader Hispaniola cigars were made. Each Schrader cigar is packaged individually in its own coffin. When you open the coffin the cigar tilts up, this is very interesting packaging. These cigars were hand rolled in the spring of 2009, manufactured in a small factory by Para T. located outside of Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The look of this cigar is a beautiful mocha colored, with prominent veins and has a slightly oily sheen. The band is quite simple with a beautiful dragon etched on it, as well as the Schrader name. It is average in size and the head is wrapped in tissue, which adds an extra touch of elegance. The pre light draw of this magnificent cigar has a light hint of cocoa and a bit more tobacco flavor to it. The cigar is filled evenly with no soft spots, and has bulbous ends.

The first half of the Schrader Hispaniola when smoked has a strong tobacco flavor throughout, with a touch of leather. There is a noticeable nutty flavor about the stick that is somewhere in between almonds and walnuts. This cigar has a nice, slow, even burn with no need to relight or touch up. One will notice a floral flavor in the first third as well which turns into a sweetness that pleases the palette. The smoke is nice and thick, and the first few draws are quite wood like. The ash is grayish at the end and flaky, it gets a bit whiter closer to the stick.

The middle of the Schrader Hispaniola is very woody, with nutty notes. The ash is strong and tight the entire time one is smoking the cigar. As you get towards the end of the cigar the citrus and sweetness die off and it becomes earthier. The earthy wood-like tobacco flavor is strong throughout the entire smoking experience. As you approach the end you will notice the cinnamon that was apparent in the beginning is less apparent, however you will still notice a citrus note. The end has more of a leathery flavor, which ends the smoking of this cigar quite nicely.

The Schrader Hispaniola is a magnificently, well presented and packaged cigar. The pop up effects is a great way to begin the experience of enjoying the stick. These cigars are great for the cigar smokers that prefer smoking in boutiques. It is a well rolled cigar with a triple cap that has an array of flavors to enjoy throughout the entire smoking experience. The flavors start with a floral and cinnamon flavor. There is a hint of cocoa on the cold draw. The cigar has an earthy tobacco flavor the entire time smoked that is accompanied by a wonderful nuttiness. This cigar is a magnificent one to add to ones collection of limited edition cigars.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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