Savinelli Special Selection 2005From the company that has been making pipes for nearly a century and a half comes the wonderful addition of Savinelli Special Selection 2005 cigars. They decided that they would further their business in the tobacco industry by starting to make cigars in 1994.

The wrapper that is used for this smoke is an Ecuadorian Sumatra. The binder, as well as the filler, is Nicaraguan tobacco that originated from Cuban seed.

Available in five sizes, this offering is sure to offer something to every aficionado.

• Figuardo: 6 1/2 x 60

• Robusto: 5 1/2 x 50

• Toro: 6 x 52

• Triple Magnum: 6 x 60

• Torpedo: 6 1/2 x 54

When the Savinelli Special Selection 2005 cigars were lit by reviewers, they noted that there was a prominent salty chocolate flavoring at first. Some also noted that the chocolate flavor notes gave way to a hint of cherry that mixed nicely with the cocoa and the salt. It was also noticed by some that pepper could be tasted upon lighting it. Other reviewers said that for them, the pepper did not enter into the flavor profile until a little later.

This is one of those smokes that has a flavor profile that does not transition much throughout the first, second and final third. While there may not have been a sophisticated complexity to this stick, it does not by any means suggest that it was not packed with plenty of flavor. This stick is medium to full-bodied. It was noted to have finished clean with no after taste and no harshness.

Carlos Fuente Jr. and Sr. designed the Savinelli Special Selection 2005 cigars. Because they bring a great deal of experience, know-how, expertise, and a love for all things tobacco related to the table, the line became a great success. It was not too much of a stretch to go from making pipes to making these fine sticks. The tobacco is the main element in both types of industries.

Most of the reviewers all said that this was a great surprise. They also wanted to let those people who have not tried this smoke know that just because it is not complex in the flavor notes, it does not mean it is not an exceptional stick. The Savinelli Special Selection 2005 cigars are far from being dull and boring. They are full of taste and full of medium bodied flavor.

Reviews said that this smoke is great paired with a hot cup of coffee or espresso. The sweetness and the pepper notes help to make coffee the perfect type of beverage to enjoy with this stick. Whether it is enjoyed in the afternoon before dinner or as an after dinner dessert, this is one smoke that every level of aficionado can enjoy.

It is worth mentioning that the Savinelli Special Selection 2005 cigars are just as sought after now as they were when they were first introduced a few years ago. For this reason, everyone should grab them as quickly as possible and place them in their humidor to age nicely in anticipation of indulgence. Aficionados everywhere all agree that there is no way to go wrong with this stick. It is definitely a must have for those that appreciate quality.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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