San Lotano Habano Cigars From the master blending that A.J. Fernandez is famous for, comes the San Lotano Habano cigars. This line has a strong link back to Cuba, as this is where it began. Of course, the embargo placed upon Cuba put many tobacco farmers and master rollers and blenders out of business. This was the story of this company until it was revived by Mr. Fernandez. His grandfather’s heritage is safe with this wonderful line of sticks.

Made in the Esteli region of Nicaragua, the San Lotano Habano cigar features a wrapper that arrives from a Cuban seed origin that is Brazilian. It is safe to say that this is the line that Fernandez’s entire career has been leading up to. That is testament to just what a smoker will find in this wonderful smoke.

Most of the reviewers offered their experience with the San Lotano Habano cigar in the Toro size of 6 x 52. The tobacco binders of this great smoke are from Honduras. The fillers are a blend of Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves. The strength of this particular offering is a firm medium.

All of the reviewers reported that there were nearly no visible veins in the body of this great stick. The wrapper was said to feel very oily and that the entire smoke felt rather hefty in the hands. While the body was densely packed with tobacco, a few soft spots were reportedly found, but not enough to spoil the enjoyable smoking experience. Before it was lit, the San Lotano Habano cigar gave a pre-draw taste of nuts and extremely spicy wood flavors. Into the first third, these flavors were said to remain with only the woodsy tastes giving way to a more burnt or charred wood taste. Upon entering the second third of the stick, reviewers noted a bit of earthiness that joined the already present flavors of wood and spice. Throughout the final third of the stick, coffee notes made a very faint debut but finished out to the nub with a bolder coffee taste. Even through the coffee flavors, notes of wood and spice were present.

The burn of the San Lotano Habano cigars was quite even and made for a rather enjoyable smoke by all those who tried them. There was a lot of ample smoke and the ash held for quite a while. The reviewers noted that the ash was a medium grey color. This full-bodied offering was said to be everything that it was built up to be and more. The taste profile was excellent and highly rated by all of the reviewers.

One taste of these great smokes will take any connoisseur back to the very origin of the greatest tobacco fields in Cuba. It is no wonder why there was so much hype around the arrival of this stick! It is certainly no wonder so many aficionados are stocking their humidors with these fabulous offerings. The robust flavors, the perfection in rolling, the attention to details, and right down to each leaf chosen, all are combined to make this an up and coming favorite among those that enjoy this past time.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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