Buy San Lotano Cigars Online!Known for its high quality construction and superior burn, the San Lotano Connecticut cigars offer a prestigious smoking experience for those aficionados appreciating a mild to medium-bodied stick. This stogie is perfect for either the morning or the late afternoon. They are priced just right, allowing for more of these fine cigars to find a home in many humidors. The company has a proven track record of a superior reputation in the industry.

But what do reviewers have to say about the San Lotano Connecticut cigar?

Does it really standup to all the hype?

These sticks are available in four different sizes and come with three different wrapper choices. The smoker gets to choose a combination best suited to their personal taste. The filler is a combination of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves grown in fertile, dark soil. AJ Fernandez insures that the factory in Esteli, Nicaragua only houses the most experienced artisans for the craftsmanship of this fine collection.

Reviewers state that these San Lotano Connecticut cigars are perfectly constructed. Firmness is an essential key to a stable, consistent draw, and this stogie does not disappoint. The wrapper is smooth to the touch with no visible veins. The color is a light chocolate, while the Nicaraguan binder satisfies even the choosiest of smokers. The smoothness of the draw is said to be evident with the first puff on this mild stick, offering up a toasty sweetness that is neither overwhelming nor overbearing.

Reviewers have stated that the even burn is a true testament to the fine construction. There was no need for correction because this stogie was said to have stayed consistent and lit when it was placed in the ashtray for a brief moment. The firm ash was followed by persistent burn lines. Even the thick, mellow smoke left a sweet aroma in the air that was pleasing to anyone that was in the room, whether they were a smoker or not.

Popular sizes for the San Lotano Connecticut cigar include the Churchill at 7 by 52, the Robusto at 5 by 52, the Toro at 6 by 52, and the Torpedo at 6.5 by 52. The affordable price makes these stogies a popular choice for all levels of aficionados. In addition, the stick can be purchases solo or in a box of 20. This allows the buyers to get the best fit for their budget and need. The high quality and affordability factors associated with this offering make it ideal for any occasion.

Many reviewers state that these stogies are perfect for a morning treat and can double as an after dinner desert. With its mild flavor that never overpowers the smoker, it is no wonder that they have received great reviews. In fact, the mildness makes these sticks a perfect gift for a friend or associate that enjoys a good stogie anytime of the day.

San Lotano Connecticut cigars promote excellence without an enormous price tag. Deciding to purchase these sticks is quite easy when one reads the reviews stating that this offering is built to please with its mild yet satisfying flavor and stable construction.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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