San Cristobal Clasico Cigar SaleThe San Cristobal Clasico cigar is a favorite in the San Cristobal Cigar company. This company was originally manufactured in the mid 1980’s and trademarked in the United States around the mid 1990’s. The main line of cigars gained their name from what is now called Havana, Cuba. Ashton had a bit of a hard time finding the perfect blends of flavors and the right manufacturer to do so, but eventually re-launched the line of smokes when the ideal blend of flavors arose.

The San Cristobal Clasico cigar is a rich blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos with dark brown maduro coloring with a slight reddish hue, smooth, oily Nicaraguan wrappers with no visible blemishes and healthy veins. They are made perfectly and are adorned at the finish with a traditionally attractive ‘old world’ Cuban Triple-Cap featuring a beautifully colored parrot. They measure 50 ring gauges by 5 inches and are considered to be a medium to full robusto.

Each San Cristobal Clasico cigar features a strong, full-bodied flavor that is rich and complex with an initial sweet tobacco scent. This cigar has reviewers nearly drooling with delight at the wonderfully smooth, creamy, full body that begins with a tinge of spice, cedar and pepper that slowly melds down to a sweet, floral flavor of vanilla spice and strong tea and finishes with a deep coffee flavor that sits on the palate with hints of sweetness, spice, and an almost liquor infused tobacco taste.

While some cigars smell delightful and have such a palate pleasing flavor, they do not burn or ash well. That is not the case with the San Cristobal Clasico. They are known to have such a perfectly razor sharp even burn that needs no adjustments and has a smooth white fir ash that won’t flake like many others. Each draw yields a decent volume of smoke that tantalizes the senses and permeates through the air leaving a sweet, earthy scent that only adds to the cocoa and coffee bean flavors that come with each draw.

They have been said to sometimes have a rather tannic characteristic that can dry the mouth, but that they are paired well with coffee, water, or a nice heavy malt brew to even out the sweetness of the flavor.

As with all handmade things, no two San Cristobal Clasico cigars are exactly the same. The variances that have been noted are small; some having more of the peppery flavor and less floral, others having more floral and less of the cocoa. That being said, each smoke will take the palate on a whole new wonderfully exciting adventure.

If there is ever a search for the best gift for a family member, friend, employee, or boss that truly enjoys to sit back and relax while having a smoke, be sure to look into this amazing line of cigars, where not only are there wonderful smokes, but also beautiful humidors and other gift ideas to get the creative juices flowing. While some may enjoy smoking with nothing but their thoughts to keep them company, others enjoy indulging with the company of friends.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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