Saint Louis Rey Reserva Especial Cigar


Originally the Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Cigar was a Cuban brand, which was then rolled for a time in the Dominican Republic, and is now hand rolled in Honduras. Rated as a medium-full bodied smoke, this stogie features a dark Habano wrapper packed with Peruvian, Nicaraguan, and Honduran fillers.


Construction and Appearance

Almost every reviewer was impressed with the leathery, dark, thick, and oily Habano wrapper.  Notably smooth, it is decorated with large veins running down the side of the wrapper, contributing to a fine looking appearance.


Burn and Draw 

The Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Cigar is slow burning, with a draw that many described as perfect. Aficionados noted that the steady burn allows for undistracted enjoyment of the many tastes the cigar has to offer. No touch ups were needed after the initial light, and it is said to burn cool all the way to the nub.



Two characteristics help establish the flavor of the Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Cigar. One of these is a dryness that allows other tastes to emerge and mingle without distraction. The other is woodiness, as many would say, that helps maintain consistency in each third of the smoke. Reviewers have noted that the pre-light flavor was exceptional, with dry notes of cocoa and black pepper blending with cedar and leather. Upon lighting, cigar smoking aficionados noted that the pepper taste remained strong, but also smooth, from the first draw onward. There was also a surprising addition of chocolate mixed with the nuts. One reviewer at this point compared the taste of the cigar to that of a Snickers Bar. 


Aficionados also noted that the pepper disappeared at the beginning of the second third. The creamy taste of cocoa remained, however. At this time, a medley of leather, sweet dried fruit, and cedar notes emerged. At the start of the final third, something surprising came to the forefront. Reviewers noticed a taste of peanut butter present, which was remarkable to those who had never tasted such a flavor in a cigar. 


Toward the nub, spiciness emerged to dance around on the palette. This was similar to the pepper in the beginning, almost like a comeback of the first, but slightly different. One reviewer noted a pleasant and very interesting herbal aftertaste. All reviewers described the Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial cigar as smooth, all the way to the finish.


Ratings and Impressions

The near unanimous consensus among reviewers was the diversity of flavors that offered continuing interest to the palate. Many who expected a good experience went away feeling like they were surprised to have a truly excellent smoke here. The complex blend appears to have outdone itself, leading many to call it the best Maduro they have experienced in a long time. 


For over a decade, the Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Cigar has been widely popular. Cigar Aficionado has given it a rating of 90+. Even those who do not consider Saint Luis their favorite line have noted that this particular blend is exceptional and also stated they plan to smoke the Reserva again.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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