RP Decade Cigars Online Sale A variety of Rocky Patel Decade Cigars have been smoked and assessed by a number of reviewers. One reviewer who smoked the Lonsdale gave it high marks and noted that the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper was dark and oily. After lighting with a favorite cigar lighter, the aficionado went on to say that the burn was regular, the smoke creamy, and that this smoke was one full flavored cigar. Delicious coffee flavor with notes of pepper were present as was the often noted cedar flavor. This stick has a 44 ring gauge and apparently the official web site keeps the binder and filler a deep, dark, but tasty secret.

Other reviewers chose the Toro for their evaluations. There were good marks to be had for all five criteria for evaluating the Rocky Patel Decade cigars. The smoothness of the wrapper made one reviewer compare it to the luxurious texture of felt. These premium cigars were nearly unanimously described as savory and delicious, burning evenly with lots of satisfying smoke.

The Edicion Limitada version of the Rocky Patel Decade cigars was reviewed and described as having a wrapper of chocolate brown color, with a few veins. Round instead of box pressed, the sticks are described as having a dead even burn and a smooth draw. Coffee, dark chocolate, and fruit notes are said to be included with a spicy flavor that mellows throughout the smoke. This limited production option is described as being nicely balanced.

The Maduro Anniversary stick has Nicaraguan binder and filler and an Ecuadoran wrapper. Reminiscent of the old Cuban beauties, this is a box pressed medium-full flavored option. The smell is described as earthy and sweet with a little bit of pepper. The leathery, sweet flavored cigar is described as having a very easy draw and plenty of smoke. The high marks included comments on the construction’s elegance and the nuanced flavor. This is a great cigar to have after dining on a gourmet meal or with delicately delicious after-dinner wines.

Another Rocky Patel Decade cigars favorite is the 6 x 60 Emperor, with its chocolate and cherry pre-lit aroma. Cigar smoking enthusiasts waxed poetic about the great amount of flavor without an overpowering strength. They noted that ash is sandy and flaky with a very clear draw, though a at least one said that the burn required some touch ups. With a two hour smoke time, this was considered a great one for all smokers.

Rocky Patel Decade cigars also come in a robusto vitola which is 5 x 50. One review described the dainty veined stick with no apparent soft spots and just enough resistance to the pre-lit draw. The wrapper’s aroma and the foot were described as earthy and mild. The review refers to the medium bodied start with a complex finish, with the long finish washing out the earlier flavors. The light ash that was produced by the even burn was described as compact with visually appealing formations within the ash. The medium-bodied consistency was described as nice and the reviewer seemed to think he would give this cigar another try.

When thinking about purchasing one of these sticks, it is a great idea to consider the reviews when choosing among the various sizes. That will let a smoker choose a stick one is more likely to enjoy. After smoking one, consider posting a review, too. It will help the next person decide which of these Rocky Patel cigars will suit his palate in the humidor.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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