Room 101 San Andreas CigarThe newest edition to hit the shelves courtesy of Matt Booth is Room 101 San Andreas cigars. This particular line is going to be continually offered. These sticks are a bit different from other lines that this company offers. Typically, the company specializes in making smaller batches and periodically releasing them. The Room 101 has a Mexican wrapper leaf that comes to the company by way of the Turrent tobacco farm. It also contains corojo and criollo filler tobaccos. This stick was designed for maximum flavor and aroma to please the aficionado.

Upon gazing at Room 101 San Andreas cigars, they show some noticeable veins, but it was said that they do not take away from the smoke in any way. The wrapper is the color of a very dark chocolate. Reviews noted the stick felt heavy in the hand and was smooth to the touch.

The aroma that is present before it is lit was said to give the Room 101 San Andreas cigars a pleasant smell of coffee and earthiness, mixed with a rich tobacco smell. Once it was lit, the first flavor profile that hit the palate was noted as delightful pepper and spice. Once they had the stick lit for a few seconds, nuttiness seemed to overtake the profile. Some reviewers described the nutty flavor as being close to the taste of peanuts.

About half way through the smoke the coffee that was noted in the pre light aroma was back in the form of espresso. Also noted were some semi-chocolate flavor notes mixed in with the pepper. The final third presented all of the same flavor notes together, only with a bolder overall presence. The tobacco itself seemed to have a much sweeter flavor with some of the reviewers reporting that this was their favorite part of the smoke.

Many people were delighted to find that the Room 101 San Andreas cigars pack a lot of flavor and complexity into each stick. Each found subtle hints of different types of flavor notes like leather and cedar. It seems that the flavor profile did change somewhat depending on how long the aficionado had let the stick age. In the more mature versions of the Room 101 San Andreas cigars, reviewers said that the flavor notes became much stronger. Most noticeable were the espresso and the cocoa flavor notes.

This line is relatively new, but those that posted reviews stated that one thing was for certain, these sticks are made of high quality ingredients. Aficionados are all saying that they cannot wait to see what the next offering will be from this successful company. Each time a new line is introduced, they have been impressed and look forward to more coming in the future.

From the complex and strong flavor profile to the wonderful aroma, this smoke leaves nothing to chance. Each and every detail has been thought out by the masters and then incorporated into the design. The best tobacco fillers, wrappers, and binders are chosen to complete the high quality cigar. The end result is a smoke that is undeniably worthy of the accolades that it is receiving.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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