Room 101 Conneticut Cigar
The medium-bodied Room 101 Connecticut is the third addition to this family of cigars developed by Matt Booth, and the reviews are stating that this newest addition is blowing those predecessors out of the water. While not to the liking of many smokers that enjoy a full-bodied, rich flavor, this is definitely not for the faint of heart. The strength builds as the smoke goes, and the flavor combination places this deliciousness firmly into the popular family of medium-bodied stogies.

Complex blends of flavor meld this cigar into a wonderful addition to the most popular of humidors. With a spiciness that starts out mellow but goes out with a bang, the Room 101 Connecticut will find a home with any lover of medium-bodied cigars. It is definitely a popular blend with uniqueness that keeps folks coming back for more.

Matt Booth really hit the ball out of the park with this amazing new addition to the family!

Some of the earlier blends were a bit brittle, but this isn’t at all the same as its predecessors. In fact, this is a silky stogie that has a delicious blend of tobaccos from Honduras and a  connecticut  wrapper. Folks are amazed by the fact that the thickness of the wrapper does not have any brittle qualities, and this is why people love these new stogies by Matt Booth.

The taste is amazing with a woodsy flavor that contains the slightest hint of sweet cloves. Smokers claim the slightest hint of the finest in Asian spices. But, the flavor never reaches the boldness associated with those full-bodied cigars. Instead, the Room 101 Connecticut offers a pleasurable experience that lasts from the first toke through to the last draw.

Even the ash is amazing! Starting off extremely dark, the ash is a beautiful light color preferred by smokers. Molasses is subtle, but the sweetness combines with the spiciness offering a delicious experience for all levels of smokers. The ash holds strong and true without faltering, meaning a safer smoke with each toke.

Many people have been leery of trying the Room 101 Connecticut because of the past releases by Matt Booth, but this latest release is an amazingly wonderful example of redemption at its best. The taste, smell, and experience make this an endlessly popular stogie that will find a home in many humidors across the globe. Even people that appreciate a full-bodied experience will appreciate how this has a strength unlike other medium-bodied cigars.

Matt Booth hit a homerun with those stogies!

Deciding on which cigars to add to a personal humidor is often a painstaking trial and error technique leaving some smokers coughing at the smoke left behind. However, the Room 101 Connecticut is an amazing cigar that provides something special for anyone appreciating a strong, medium-bodied smoking experience. The reviews have rated this stogie highly, and as the smoke clears, the future looks even brighter for the gentleman responsible for bringing the world a deliciousness that cannot be found anywhere else on the globe. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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