Room 101 Namakubi EC CigarsMatt Booth’s Room 101 Cigars made a big impression with the One Shot One Kill (OSOK) in 2012, and the brand hopes to replicate its success with the Room 101 Namakubi EC cigars. This stick has the same wrapper and binder that the OSOK sported, but comes packed with Honduran and Domincan tobaccos instead. Booth’s products have always put a big emphasis on sleek and unique appearances, and this stogie has an equally impressive appearance.

The Room 101 Namakubi EC cigars come in four vitolas, including PapiChulo (4 x 42), Filero (4 1/2 x 52), Ranfla (6 1/2 x 50) and Chingon (8 x 60). The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Habano, and the binder is from Honduras. The wrapper is dark brown and oily, and there are some medium veins apparent.

The packaging is elegant. The stick comes wrapped in tissue paper and in a tube with several Japanese characters on it. It is double banded, with the name of the brand featured in red cursive on a stark black background. The secondary band has “Ecuador” in all gold capitals on a white background. The secondary band has red and gold trim, and there is no ornamentation on either band.

The first third of the stogie starts off intense, and this is a running theme throughout the smoke. The initial flavors are leather, spice and black licorice, and they all take turns assuming the dominant role. Some reviewers also detected coffee in the profile, though it was secondary to the rest of the notes. This part of the stogie is a little inconsistent in how much smoke it puts out, varying from average to extremely dense. The smoke is aromatic and smells like black licorice and spice.

The second third of the Room 101 Namakubi EC cigars is similar to the first. The black licorice and spice are the dominant tastes, with the leather taking on a secondary part. The flavors are still intense at this point, and there is a huge punch of black pepper on the retrohale. The final third of the stogie ramps up the black licorice even more, and there is no doubt that this note is the star until the nub. The coffee, pepper, spice and leather layers are still apparent, but dart in and out. The pepper kicks at the end, but the finish is smooth.

What most reviewers took away from the Room 101 Namakubi EC cigars was their intensity. This stogie is a bomb, and is a full-strength, full-bodied cigar from start to finish. It is best enjoyed after a large meal and is designed with experienced smokers in mind. The draw was considered perfect, though some aficionados found the burn to be a little finicky at times, requiring some extra touchups. It remains true for the most part, though. The ash is salt and pepper, and there is only minimal flaking, owing to its strong construction.

Black licorice is one of those polarizing flavors, as aficionados have strong opinions about in either way. Those who enjoy it, though, will find a lot to like with the Room 101 Namakubi EC cigars. Experienced smokers who appreciate a strong blast of flavor will also appreciate them.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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