Room 101 HN Series CigarsOrigin / Appearance

Room 101 HN Series Cigars are made in Honduras at Agroindustrius Laepe S.A. The 101 series is branded with a variety of numbers derived from United States area codes from cities such as Nashville, Miami, and Los Angeles. The smoke is made with a blend of Dominican and Honduran Naverette fillers. It has a Honduran Criola 98 wrapper and a Brazilian Mata Fina binder. The wrapper has been known to have a dominating, spicy flavor. To balance this out the Mata Fina binder was chosen. 


Construction and Burn

Reviewers have praised the construction of Room 101 HN series cigars. The burn produces a charcoal colored ash and is razor sharp. The ash is firm at times, flaky at others. In the first third, a blend of flavors greets the palate. The spice and wood tastes are balanced by notes of cream. The Honduran wrapper contributes greatly to the experience of the first third. The body is medium in fullness. One aficionado, who smoked a cigar with a damaged wrapper, was genuinely impressed at the steadiness of the burn in spite of its imperfect condition. 



The aroma during pre-light was described as a pleasant earthiness that was never overpowering. A touch of sweetness is present in the pre-light taste. After cutting and taking a few draws before lighting, the sweetness intensified. 

Upon lighting, the sweetness tones down a bit and a distinctively floral flavor appears. There is also a slight creaminess present as well. One of the features that stood out to aficionados who reviewed Room 101 HN Series Cigars was the smoothness that characterized their taste. Many noted that it was superior to that of many blends which are much higher in price. As the first third progresses, there is a tea-like taste that distinguishes the floral notes. Also, a slight hint of espresso is present in the mix, alternating at times with fruitier nuances. Then, just before the second third, comes a warm taste of banana bread which stands out sharply for just a moment and fades back into the background. 

The second third of the Room 101 HN Series Cigars is punctuated by more espresso. This provides a nice, balancing contrast to the floral hints of the first third. The espresso taste is reinforced by an identical aroma that is sharp and distinctive during retrohale. The smoke burns a bit hot during the second third, blurring the floral taste in the background for some. 

During the final third, it shifts away from the notable espresso flavor toward a fruity taste that emerges to the forefront. The tea flavor, however, remains, taking on the characteristics of black tea. The interesting thing about the fruitiness at this point is its blended characteristics. It is more like an overall taste of fruit than it is a taste of any one kind of fruit. Reviewers were impressed by the smoothness of these cigars, noting they are never harsh. While the flavors can be complex at times, there is always a balance present that makes the experience relaxed and enjoyable. 



With the flavor being remarkable throughout, many reviewers have stated that Room 101 HN Series Cigars rank among the best they have ever smoked. Some gave these premium sticks a rating as high as 94.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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