Wrapper: Semilla Binder: Honduras Strenth : Medium- Full

Filler: Honduras and Dominican Republic. Size : 5 1/2'" x 44

Room 101 213 CigarThe Room 101 cigars are made by Camacho, for Matt Booth. Founder of Room 101, Matt has an array of jewelry, accessories, leather, wallet chains, and much more. Matt Booth teamed up with Camacho to launch a line of cigars, which are surprisingly tasteful and enjoyable. The line includes six styles each representing a different area code; 213 (Downtown Los Angeles), 305 (Miami), 323 (central Los Angeles including Hollywood), 404 (Atlanta), 702 (Las Vegas), and 808 (Hawaii). This extraordinary line is made by Camacho using a Semilla wrapper, which has an oily shine noticeable to the eye, grown exclusively for this project with Matt Booth. Room 101 cigars have the potential to be competitive to even a Cuban cigar, which are widely opinioned to be the “best”. These cigars resemble his fine handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, a refreshing sense of taste.

The start of these cigars has a leathery flavor with a hint of cedar, leaving an earthy flavor throughout. Impressively there was no need to relight and it had an even burn. The ash was nice and strong, looking a bit flakey. Surprisingly the smoke was noticeably thick. Pleasantly loosing the peppery flavor it had to begin with, this cigar began to have a more noticeably sweet flavor about it. This cigar leaves a lasting sweet yet smooth flavor in the mouth. Once the spice died down, beginning the second half of the Room 101 cigar, the sweetness started to reveal a refreshing coffee taste. The cigars taste being comparable to a cappuccino, or espresso having a hint of mocha to it, yet still creamy near the end. This cigar still having hint of earthy flavor the entire time it is smoked, it is found to be a cigar that is rolled nicely by hand, being even with no soft spots.

This particular line has a variety of sizes which are as follows…

213 – Corona Color: Maduro Size: 5 1/2'" x 44

305 – Robusto Color: Maduro Size: 5'" x 50

323 - Toro Color: Maduro Size: 6'" x 50

404 - Torpedo Color: Maduro Size: 6'" x 54

702 - 11/18 Color: Maduro Size: 6'" x 56

808 Color: Maduro Size: 6'" x 60

I will definitely be revisiting the pleasantness of the Room 101 cigar. Moreover I will positively recommend this cigar to connoisseurs. I am fond of the burn, ash and flavor of this cigar. Having a leathery peppery taste that levels off near the second half of the stick, this cigar then becomes a sweetness involving a hint of cappuccino, with a touch of mocha. I found that this cigar will be a largely enjoyed flavor to the many of whom will smoke them. This cigar was hand rolled very well. Made by Camacho, these cigars have a distinct flavor reminding me of business in Los Angeles, poker rooms with friends in Las Vegas, night clubs in Miami, or relaxing on the beach in Hawaii. I am excited that Matt Booth has decided to add cigars to his fine line. He truly has a knack for originality and it is proven with the Room 101 cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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