Romeo Y Julieta Havoc CigarsRomeo y Julieta Havoc cigars hail from Honduras. Reviewers are singing the praises of this unique smoke. Lines that come from this company are usually made from products that are grown in the Dominican Republic. This new line is modernized for aficionado’s maximum enjoyment.

While sporting a Nicaraguan Habana wrapper, the Romeo y Julieta Havoc cigars offer up a lot of aroma and a chunky size that is quite impressive. These particular smokes are touted as being medium bodied and completely robust. Reviewers all caution that this is not the same smoke that the company has produced in the past. Any smoker that thinks they know all about this tobacco company needs to give this line a try as it is unique and modernized.

The filler is a Nicaraguan and Honduran blend of premium leaves. All three of the traditional ring sizes are able to be purchased. The availability of these various ring gauges is a new addition for the company. Nearly all of the reviewers gave their recommendations based on sampling the stocky bully vitola size which is 5 x 56”.

Reviewers noted that when the Romeo y Julieta Havoc cigars were first picked up, there was an aroma from the wrapper that included sweet and nutty scents. The pre-light draw was also said to give the smoker a preview of the goodness to come through notes of coffee and spice, as well as nuttiness.

The reviewers all remarked how easy it was to light this smoke and keep it burning in a truly effortless way. They also noted that anyone familiar with cigars would easily recognize the taste of the tobacco from Nicaragua that is infused with great spice. That profile of coffee and spice stayed prevalent for the beginning of the first third of the smoke. Flavors such as lightly salted nuts and sweet malt all came into play to finish off the last of the first third.

The middle third of the Romeo y Julieta Havoc cigars ramped up with the coffee notes and added in the great taste of cedar. This was the distinct profile throughout the middle of the stick. The final third of the smoke blended all the delicious flavors of cedar, coffee, spice, sweet malt and salty nuttiness with absolute perfection.

One of the items that the reviewers all enjoyed was the jumbo size of the stick. The size makes it rather easy for the stick to remain cool throughout the entire process of smoking it. The flavor profile of the Romeo y Julieta Havoc cigars makes it enjoyable and leaves an aficionado with a sense that this really is more than a medium bodied offering for the most part.

With these smokes being such a departure from the norm for the company, it turned out to be a risk that was well worth taking. Reviewers all agree that this was a good choice for the company. A brilliant compilation of flavors turns this meaty stick into a delicious smorgasbord of taste sensations and aromas. This is one of the lines that will be included in many humidors in the years to come. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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