Way back in 2012, two Texans came together to form one of the most influential cigar companies of the past decade. Those men were Mike Rosales and Skip Martin, and their company was RoMa Craft Tobac. When they decided to join forces, they already had created one cigar together, the legendary CroMagnon. However, at that time the CroMagnon was a private release, and only available at a few shops throughout Texas. When deciding upon their next venture, Mike and Skip decided two things. First they needed a cigar they can release on a wider scale and that cigar needed to appeal to a bigger audience.

 While we all have grown to love the CroMagnon, at the time it was a very unique smoke that only true aficionados were aware of. There next cigar was going to be more mellow, smoother and more all-purpose. That cigar is known as the Intemperance, and it became the jet engine that launched this company into the stratosphere.

The Intemperance is actually two different cigars under the same banner. In wanting to create a wider release, the RoMa Craft team deduced they would need at least two different wrapper varieties, one for the smooth creamy smoker and one for the bold and rich profile. The result was the Intemperance EC and the Intemperance BA. The EC stands for Ecuadorian Connecticut, a smooth wrapper draped over Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos for a creamy and medium bodied smoke with notes of coffee, sweet spice and cedar. The BA is the Brazilian Arapiaca, a darker and rich leaf with heavy notes of chocolate, pepper, leather and earth. These two cigars quickly became the talk of the town and set RoMa Craft on a path to greatness.

You can find the entire RoMa Craft line right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jan 07, 2019


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