Cigar: RP V-92 Torpedo                 Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra         Strength: Medium to Full

Binder: Mexico

Vintage 1992 Rocky Patel CigarThe Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 has a touch more flavor than its 1990 counterpart, making it one of Rocky's best sellers. If you appreciate a complex smoke with full-bodied flavors, this vintage offering from Rocky "Rakesh" Patel will never let you down. The Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 and 1990 are wrapped in tobacco leaves that were originally set aside and stockpiled to be used later for a different cigar. The leaves that never made production sat forgotten in a warehouse aging for 10 and 12 years. Rocky Patel discovered these hidden gems, and was quick to realize their uniqueness. In 2003, the RP Vintage series was born, boasting the beautifully aged 1990 Honduran and 1992 Ecuadorian wrappers that were originally meant for a different fate. Since then, the Vintage Series has received top ratings, which include "The Best of the Best" from the Robb Report. Rocky Patel's Vintage 1992 Torpedo was rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado and they have become a favorite among cigar smoking coinsurers who want to celebrate life with a vintage smoke that never ceases to impress.

If you are one of the lucky smoker's fortunate enough to break out a RP V-92 Torpedo, you will no doubt experience what it's like to roll with the big boys. These cigars areheavenly handsome, masterfully rolled, and scrumptiously aged. Its 10 year old Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper encompasses binders and fillers that have been accumulating flavor for seven years. It is unblemished and shows off with great texture and style. The elegance of the classic double-banded maroon and gold band begs for a special occasion, one that starts with a prelight draw of chocolate and cherry.

After lighting, predominant flavors of chocolate please the palate with notes of oak and cherry, almond, and a bit of spice. Some get a woodsy, earthy taste from the presence of oak in the first third, and it is considered a dry smoke that is best paired with a Port or a good stout beer. This stick burns nice and even, and the salt and pepper colored ash stays tight.

The flavors through the second third stay fairly consistent. The final third is where the RP V-92 starts to really shine. The spice begins to ramp up as it comes to rest on the tip of the tongue, followed by a nice peppery taste and coffee following. Overall, this torpedo has an earthy profile with delightful hints of coffee and spice.

You really can't argue with the popularity of Rocky Patel, but you will find discrepancies among those who have smoked both his Vintage lines when it comes to preference. For those who enjoy a dry, earthy profile with a little stronger flavor, then Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 may suite you better than the 1990. If you would rather a little more sweetness in a milder smoke, then the Vintage 1990 may be the way to go. Both are fine options and are well worth picking up for a good Rocky Patel Vintage experience.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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