Origin: Honduras                             Binder: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra         Strength: Full

Filler: Brazil, Dominican, & Nicaraguan

Rocky Patel Sungrown CigarsThere’s nothing quite like a Rocky Patel Sungrown to take a nice trip down memory lane with, especially since this line is directly in relation to the vintage lines put out by Rocky Patel in previous years. In fact, the similarities are plentiful. Introduced in late 2004 by one of the leading cigar makers, Rocky Patel Sungrown cigars are not only inspiring a new generation of cigar enthusiasts, but they are also offering a way for an older generation to step back in time and relive the tastes of vintage cigars.

The Sungrown line is produced in Danlí, Honduras at the El Paraiso factory. It proudly sports a five year old Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and seven year old filler blends, including tobaccos from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. Upon combining all these components, the result is a smooth but complex smoke that is full of body. As with all cigars produced by the Rocky Patel brand, the Rocky Patel Sungrown is a shining example of the steadfast devotion of the company to provide a perfectly constructed cigar with a consistent flavor, perfect draw, and even burn. With this commitment, it is no wonder why Rocky Patel remains one of the most sought after brands in the world.

When ordered, the Rocky Patel Sungrown cigars come in regal boxes of 20. These massive sticks are presented with gold and red bands in order to let their identity be known. Although the gold color is self-explanatory in its symbolism for royalty, the red also gives an evident meaning to anyone with experience in smoking cigars. In fact, the red color signals to seasoned aficionados the relation between the Rocky Patel Sungrown and its predecessor, the original Sungrown line. Furthermore, the 6 inch by 60 ring gauge signifies the seventh size born to the Patel brand.

Upon inspection, the Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf is painted with oils that expose it as a dark chocolate shade of natural leaf with minimal veins. A firm pack on these cigars causes them to be extremely dense, which directly translates into a slower burn. Seeping from the wrapper are the combined aromas of sweet earth with those of dried prunes and raisins.

Once the foot is lit, an immediate smoothness accompanies the full body of these cigars. Exquisite flavors such as creamy mocha infused with shots of almond and macadamia nuts coat the palate and remain consistent throughout the length of the smoke. Soon after, an orange tartness is introduced with cedar tones to follow, only to be subjected to brawny and spicy warmth that finds a home in the back of the throat. Eventually the orange subsides and is morphed into butterscotch that quickly loses flavor and instead returns to a buttery sensation.

Overall, the Sungrown line of cigars earns high marks. This would be a great cigar for a seasoned smoker that can take a hit without wincing. Just come prepared with a glass of ice water and the cigar will take care of the rest. If you fancy yourself experienced in cigar smoking this RP should have a place in your humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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