Origin: Honduras                         Binder: Cameroon

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra     Strength: Medium to Full

Filler: Nicaragua

Rocky Patel Summer CollectionOn many summer days it is hard to find something to do to relax the mind and ease the tensions of the day without scorching beams from the sun stabbing down and piercing the body. There is one way, however, and it quite simply is to enjoy a Rocky Patel Summer Collection cigar. This cigar is perfectly blended and masterfully crafted to be one of the favorites in the entire Rocky Patel line, and it makes for a great companion on a steamy summer day. With its Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Cameroon binder, and regal Nicaraguan blended fillers, these sticks are anything but ordinary.

For those experienced aficionados, upon removing his treasured Rocky Patel Summer Collection cigar from his humidor, he will quickly observe the oily sheen set upon the beautiful Sumatra wrapper with little to no visible veins or flaws. He will also take note of a band featuring a terracotta shade of red with black and silver script showcased around the neck. Almost immediately, his sense of smell will kick in and be met with a simple earthy fragrance with the slightest spicy and sweet aromas to accompany it. As the anticipation of the smoke grows, it will only become more exaggerated by the perfect pre light draw, which deepens the natural taste of the tobacco by amplifying a barnyard feel.

Once the ritualistic precursors to actually lighting the cigar are complete, the true rewards begin as the first draw is taken and plumes of smoke arise. With an immaculate burn, the light gray ash proves to be solid, and hangs on for at least an inch before dropping. Although the draw of the cigar presents itself as a little bit loose, it does not affect the smoke. In fact, just as past collections have been praised for the genius blends and perfected construction, the Rocky Patel Summer Collection more than makes the cut; it very easily exceeds expectations.

Perhaps the most notable characteristics of the Rocky Patel Summer Collection Series is the perfect harmony created by the collage of flavors. At the point of setting fire, a pinch of pepper provides a slight stinging sensation in the nostrils, but remains smooth, and not harsh. The pepper begins to diminish at about the one-inch mark and is upstaged by a mocha flavor, highlighted with a tiny punch of smooth spice. Midway through, the mocha notes began to flourish and add to the ease of the pepper. A few sly notes of cedar peek in at strategic points, leaving enthusiasts relaxed, but with a longing for more. As the final lap draws near, the pepper morphs into a cinnamon twist and is accompanied by a final sweet, citrus treat to finish it off.

Overall, the Rocky Patel Summer Collection line of cigars embodies perfection from the beginning to the end. From its flawless construction, and beautiful presentation, to the metamorphosis of flavors, these cigars are winning the approval of cigar lovers everywhere. Summer just would not be the same without enjoying the company of one of these sticks at least once.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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