Origin: Honduras             Binder: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Wrapper: Sumatra          Strength: Medium to Full

Filler: Nicaragua

Rocky Patel Spring CollectionImagine sitting outside enjoying a nice spring day with birds chirping, flowers in bloom, and a gentle breeze rustling the fresh new leaves of the nearest shade tree. Suddenly, a lull in the perfect day emerges and the realization that a Rocky Patel Spring Collection cigar is needed in order to completely surrender to the moment and relax. With its tremendous reputation and the brilliant morsels of flavor incorporated throughout the smoke, it is no wonder that this spring day scenario is exactly the type of experience that might be expected from lovers of the collection.

The Rocky Patel Spring Collection is topping the charts among the best springtime smokes made, and it begins to become obvious from the moment cigar enthusiasts come into contact with one of these little jewels. The beauty of these cigars is evident from the beginning given the dark brown Sumatra wrapper laced with multiple veins, although small enough to avoid any negative effects on the draw. Packed with a nice weight and balance, a crisp clean roll lacking soft spots certifies these sticks as superb. A nice addition of two bands is another identifying factor for these smokes, with the top one being green and silver to signify the spring collection, while the second band is gold and silver and denotes the Rocky Patel brand.

One of the great benefits of smoking a Rocky Patel Spring Collection cigar is the flavors that mirror the very essence of perfection. Before lighting the fire, notes of mocha can be picked up along with cocoa and woodsy tones, which result from a nice, but somewhat tight draw. Notes of pepper and strong espresso flavors provide a not only complimentary, but also a perfect balance in conjunction with the other flavors already present. Once starting the smoke, coffee flavors with notes of black pepper along with a nut and earth tones reveal themselves. Throughout the duration the flavors do not change much, however, they seem to mesh together better toward the end with a burst of licorice and a touch of cinnamon.

To further compliment the Rocky Patel Spring Collection, the details about the burn are top notch as well. From a slow and even burn with a virtually white ash that holds for a good inch and a half to two inches, to a perfectly formed draw with a slight resistance, this collection is spot on. In addition, these cigars are medium-bodied, but are still versatile enough to exhibit a few full-bodied qualities. Thus, it is the perfect cigar for those cigar smokers that can appreciate pushing the limits a little.

Overall, the Rocky Patel Spring Collection is a cigar that has a bounty of flavors that are appealing to a wide variety of cigar lovers, from novice to experienced smoker. These cigars are definitely sure to be pleasing to the palates of people that really enjoy a cigar with a deep flavor. With this collection, the only thing missing might be that gorgeous spring day to complete the narrative.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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