Rocky Patel Private Cellar Cigars Rocky Patel Private Cellar cigars are among a bevy of products being churned out by the most prolific company of2012, and critics are almost unanimous in the positive overall experience of the smoke. The product is of Nicaraguan origin from the binders to the fillers. Most have described this stick as full bodied and have commented on the unusually long finish that the stogie provides.

The wrapper is deep black, with just a bit of noticeable veins along its body. This is complemented well with the large amount of oil that’s present along the wrapper as well. The band contains the expected purple and silver insignia which entails the entirety of the overall look. The wrapper itself has an interesting aroma, containing chocolate and coffee tones, while the foot of the stick has more subtle tones such as a hay and dried fruit.

The first third of the Rocky Patel Private Cellar cigars have been said to have a very full draw, with an abundance of flavor profiles enveloping the beginning of the burn. The smoke has been described as smooth and creamy with sweet undertones that carry over throughout the majority of the burn. The flavor that takes the forefront of the discussion is the chocolate flavor that was also taken from the foot of the stick. Other flavors that meander about throughout the first third are cocoa, dried fruit flavors, as well as some sort of indistinguishable mineral flavoring. Critics agree that the strength of this particular stage of the stogie is medium, though it carries a plethora of different notes throughout.

The second third of the Rocky Patel Private Cellar cigars bring to light the coffee flavors from before, while the chocolate flavors seem to take a backseat during this phase. The dried fruit also begins to take more of a front seat to the flavor profile, bringing a sort of balance to the almost overwhelming espresso flavors. Reviews of this cigar have remarked at the sturdy body of the stick as well. The draw offers a full body of smoke throughout, and the ash was said to hold further than an inch at most times.

The final act brings a great mixture of flavors that continue the complexity of these Rocky Patel Private Cellar cigars without compromising the flavor profile. From the espresso flavors, chocolate tones and dried fruit flavors, the construction of the final third sums up the stick quite nicely as most reviewers have remarked. The brilliant blends of flavors create the rich and full experience, with the mineral flavors of before allowing the smoke, all the way to the nub, to become very consistent and smooth.

Most reviewers have commented that the Rocky Patel Private Cellar cigars are comparable to the Maduro type stogies that are on the market from a variety of different companies. What seems to set these apart is their mixture of complex flavors, while still maintaining a smooth and identifiable burn. Others note the absence of any spicy or nutty flavors that are typically in other Maduro blends, but it overcomes the absence with a rich blend of chocolaty and sweet flavors, making for a full experience.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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