Cigar:  Rocky Patel Edge Squared MaduroTorpedo                           Origin:  Honduras

Wrapper:  Nicaragua Maduro                                                                     Strength:  Full

Filler:  Honduran, Nicaraguan, Panama                                                  

Binder:  Mexico 

Rocky Patel Edge Squared CigarsThe Rocky Patel Edge Squared cigar has a really interesting history, and varies from one tobacconist to the other.  One story is that the Rocky Patel Edge Squared was actually made to be the RP vintage 92, but this particular batch never made it that far.  It is rumored that Rocky sat on this unbanned batch for 3 years, already boxed, trying to think of what exactly he was going to do with them.   

When the tobacconist who brought this story back to the US was visiting Rocky, he heard Rocky tell visitors to take handfuls of them, because he wasn’t sure what to do with them anyway.  Because they were boxed for so long, the cigars developed a “square box pressed” shape and an aged flavor.  Finally, he decided to sell them that way.   

This was the reason they are unbanned, unlike the other RP Edge cigars.  Another story is that this was a batch of cigars that got lost in a show, and the pallets were stuck in a corner for 3 years.  Whatever the story, we definitely know one thing for sure.  These cigars are special. 

Aside from the box-pressed aspect, the real difference between the Rocky Patel Edge Squared and the RP Edge was (and I say “was” because the Edge Squared was a limited release sold only to the TAA and has been discontinued) that there were an extra amount of leaves of ligero in each cigar.     

On the rough hewn dark wood box is pressed, “For professional smokers only”.  It came in 3 sizes with a Nicaragua Corojo wrapper.  The RP Edge Squared Maduro was also a limited release, being of the same box-pressed version, was available in 3 sizes with a Nicaragua Maduro wrapper.  The following is a popular description of the Maduro Torpedo. 

Rocky Patel Edge Squared Maduro Torpedo is a well constructed cigar, being somewhat better than the RP vintage lines.  The wrapper is dark and rich and shines with oil.  This is a strong cigar, but very well balanced without being harsh.  The instant you light it, the flavors appear with lots of leather surrounded by some spice.   

The first round of ash falls free at a little over 1 inch. After that, the spice begins to fade, so a touch up is needed around the half way point.  On the 2nd half, the smoke seems to stay one dimensional with the flavors staying the same.   

The ash is a light gray, holding tight with some dark gray bands.  The home stretch marks a pleasant surprise, becoming much lighter with notes of cedar and floral coming into play.  It never gets hot or bitter.  It doesn’t have much of a finish, but remains an interesting smoke. 

The Rocky Patel Edge Squared did not have an advertising campaign and got its popularity from word-of-mouth.  It is said that Rocky intended them to be sold to the Tobacconist Association of America in crates of 100.  Like The Edge, it is a strong smoke that needs to be enjoyed after a full meal.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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