Rocky Patel Edge Habano CigarsThe Rocky Patel Edge Habano cigars were the sixth blend added to the Edge series. This stogie, also known as the, “Nicaraguan Puro”, uses only the highest quality Nicaraguan tobacco. This may have been the last blend added to the line, but brings the pleasant surprise of being the first puro added.

Rocky Patel Edge Habano cigars are created using a Nicaraguan Habano seed wrap. Both the binder and filler tobaccos are pure Nicaraguan leaves from the country’s Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli regions. This blend features two distinct and powerful vitolas. They are the Toro and the Torpedo. Both vitolas measure in at 6x52. The Torpedo vitola gives experienced aficionados the ability to choose a slightly custom draw, shape and flavor as it is especially complimentary for enthusiasts seeking a strong Habano taste. Shaping the cap of a Torpedo creates less room for binder and filler tobacco and allows more emphasis to be placed on the flavor of the wrapper.

The Rocky Patel Edge Habano cigars have some visible veins and seams giving the stogies an attractively harsh appearance. The oily sheen and gorgeous deep saddle-brown color give this bold cigar the look of a fighter pilot’s leather bomber jacket. This appearance achieves a stylish contrast from the turquoise label. The label has been situated towards the triple cap rather than the foot like rest of the line. The rich turquoise helps intensify the all black scripted, “the EDGE” and “Rocky Patel” giving the label a classic Sailor Jerry style. The aroma right out of the box teased the nostrils with the pleasing scents of chocolate, spice and woodsy hay notes. The cold draw also revealed a tinge of dark cherry and intensified the spice towards the foot.

The first third of the Rocky Patel Edge habano cigars is characterized by strong hints of dancing spice and dark cherry notes. The spice gradually takes a slight dominance while the cherry notes continue to deliciously riot through the taste buds. By the end of the first third a caramely cedar note provides a tantalizing undertone.

The second third of the Habano continued the main flavor profile while offering a few pleasant nuances. The spice notes remained dominant while the cherry notes softened, and the cedar notes developed into a classic coffee taste. The caramel notes continued to provide a smooth, almost creamy profile into the final third.

The final third saw the cedar notes rise to a main taste. This spiced cedar was adorned wonderfully with the added taste of a dark cherry mocha. This final flavor profile was packaged and delivered with a bow made of a hint of caramel. Finishing this cigar to the nub was effortless. Smoking it to the finish offered the same bold flavors without ever becoming undesirable or harsh. The burn lasted just over an hour, needed virtually no maintenance, and never yielded a crooked burn line. The burn temperature was ideal and nothing but praise can be given for this exceptional draw. The Rocky Patel Edge Habano cigars are a perfect everyday smoke for any aficionado looking for masterfully crafted stick providing nice doses of spice and kick.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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