Cigar:  Rocky Patel Edge                                              Binder:  Nicaraguan     

Wrapper:  Honduran Cuban Seed Corojo                        Strength:  Full

               Costa Rican Maduro                                                Origin:  Honduras

Filler:  Honduran/Nicaraguan                                        

Rocky Patel EdgeThe Rocky Patel Edge has always been a best seller since its release in 2004.  Since that time, it has consistently ranked as one of the most sought-after cigars in the nation.  People who prefer a powerful cigar with thick body and flavor will find these qualities in this cigar--without an outrageous price-point.   

Upon its initial release, the Edge was released in a choice of 3 types of wrappers:  Corojo, Maduro, and Sumatra.  In 2007, The Edge Sumatra was ranked 24 out of 25 cigars by Cigar Aficionado.  Shortly thereafter, Rocky discontinued the Sumatra because of its high price-point compared to the other two Edge cigars.     

For many reasons, Rocky Patel Edge cigars are advertised as being “for professional smokers only.”  One reason for this is that each cigar is made with filler that has been aged for five years.  No one knows exactly what Rocky uses for his special blend of fillers.  He says it is a secret, but some believe it to be a blend of Nicaraguan-Honduran Ligero (long).   

Every cigar is hand-rolled in Honduras.  After it is created, it goes through a very extensive and rigorous quality assurance inspection process.  Rocky has always believed Q/A to be absolutely essential to ensuring that only the best of his cigars ever get released into the open marketplace.   

The full-bodied spicy aroma and super long finish has made the Edge one of the hottest cigar brands ever made. There is no doubt in our minds that it represents a true masterpiece of blend—potent, and balanced to perfection. 

Reviews for the Edge Toro Maduro have described it as a firm, oily, dark wrapper with an impressive lack of imperfections.  The band around the cigar wraps around the foot.  It has a cream color that expresses the uniqueness of the Rocky Patel Edge.  The cigar measures six inches in length, and it has a ring gauge of 52. 

The first whiff of an unlit Toro communicates its true power to the senses.  A strong aroma of leather, bitter coffee, and more spice than is typical of the average Maduro wrapper rises up to greet the aficionado.  A good cut, which leaves the cap fully intact, indicates that the Rocky Patel Edge is a well manufactured cigar.   

As the foot of the cigar is toasted, aromas of spiced espresso begin to rise from the cigar-evident in the very first draw.  The first two inches of the smoke will definitely give even a veteran smoker that weak-in-the-knees experience.  There are also flavors of peppercorn and a taste of bitter black coffee.  Hints of leather come from the Maduro wrapper.  Heavy spice emanates from the deep interior of the cigar. 

All of these flavors build in intensity during the first third.  Then, they level off during the second two thirds.  Overall, the flavors are predictable, yet enjoyable.  It is a thick, smoke with a hearty aftertaste. 

The Rocky Patel Edge is a relaxing cigar.  It comes in 3 vitolas:  Torpedo, Toro, and Battalion.  The Toro takes an average of 100 minutes to smoke.  It is perfect for an after-dinner smoke following a five-course meal. The flavor is smooth, the power is controlled, and the strength is extraordinarily well-balanced, however, you definitely don’t want to get up and mow the lawn afterwards.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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