Carlos Torano Exodus Silver CigarsThe Carlos Torano Exodus Silver cigars are named after several families from Cuba. They fled the country in 1959 when their tobacco farms and cigar factories were taken over by the Castro regime. The Torano clan was one of these families, and this stogie calls upon their roots. They were introduced in 2002 as a follow up to the popular original. The silver edition is the second line extension and most reviewers believe it has a more complex flavor profile than its gold-banded relative. Although the Exodus has been used a few times already, this blend is unique and composed of a tobacco blend and flavor profile that differs from the original. This stick bounces back from medium to full-bodied and stays smooth.

These sticks are hand-rolled and well made. The wrapper has a lovely sheen and uniform appearance that lacks large veins. Carlos Torano Exodus Silver cigars are well packed without being too firm, and offers an easy pre-light draw. Many aficionados found these smokes easy to clip and light and also noted that it offers little resistance during the draw. Once lit, they burn slow and produce a light grey ash that is compact. Although the burn line strays occasionally, it only requires minimal attentions and usually corrects itself.

The flavors found in the sleek, golden-brown criollo wrapper blend well with the three filler tobaccos. The long leaf filler is taken from Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica. The binder is also Costa Rican in origin.

Many of those who reviewed this stick noticed its sweetness and spice. The spice rises in strength within the first few minutes of being lit, and then mingles with deep notes of caramel, citrus and wood reminiscent of cedar. Occasionally, faint hints of milk chocolate dip in and out. These flavors are playful on the palate, but a dominant wood layer paired with a peppery kick eventually takes over during the second and final third.

The flavor shift during the second third also ramps the smoke up to full-bodied mode. Reviewers found the smoke to be agreeable and frequently described Carlos Torano Exodus Silver cigars as both spicy and earthy. The flavor profile is consistent throughout, without being overpowering, right down to the nub. A few reviewers mentioned experiencing hints of roasted nuts and notes of leather.

Carlos Torano Exodus Silver cigars are quality and affordable stogies that provide refined flavor and a solid finish. These smokes are available in a number of sizes: Robusto (at 4 7/8 by 52), Torpedo (at 6 1/4 by 52), Toro Elegante (at 5 1/2 by 55), Corona (at 6 1/8 by 46) and Churchill (at 7 by 50).

Carlos Torano Exodus Silver cigars are some of the most popular smokes offered under the brand. The Torano line has a history dating all the way back to 1916, so they have had time to perfect their craft and blends. The dedication to their technique is obvious, as they are now one of the world’s largest boutique cigar makers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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