Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar For Sale OnlineThose looking for a bold, in-your-face smoke, should think about a Camacho Triple Maduro cigar. It is the only stogie made completely from Maduro tobacco leaves. Seasoned smokers describe it as intense, rich, and not for the light-hearted novice smoker. They also say it is like a good kick in the rear, it is a powerful smoke with an unrivaled intensity and experience.

Originally founded by a Cuban exile, Simon Camacho, who smuggled out rare tobacco seeds, the company is an international leader in the tobacco market. Acquired in 1995, by the Eiroa family, another group of Cuban exiled tobacco farmers, production was moved from Nicaragua to Honduras – a country known for its heavy, intense tobacco. The Camacho Triple Maduro cigar is grown in the Jamastran Valley in Danlí, a region similar to the famed province of Pinar del Rio in Cuba. The Eiroa family are the most successful cultivators of the original strain of pure Corojo tobacco. They have been in the business of innovation from its inception. Today, they are the only company to comply with the international standards for Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Agricultural Practices. Their strict guidelines ensure a responsible stewardship of natural resources, eco-friendly pesticides, industrial safety, and eco-security. They are leaders in the global community and set the trends other companies follow.

Perfection takes time, patience, and skill, and the Camacho Triple Maduro cigar took eighty-six different combinations before the right one was discovered. Hand-rolled and made from five types of vintage Maduro tobacco, these sticks are distinctive in looks and flavor. The sticks are very dark and the wrapper is black in appearance with an oily sheen. They come in five different shapes and sizes: the 11/18, the 6x60, the Corona, the Figurado, and the Robusto. Experienced aficionados describe this particular stick as full-flavored, with a rich intensity, and smoothness to the tongue.

Reviewers stated the stogie is very well constructed and tightly wrapped
. It has great draw qualities, with an even burn, and firm white ash production. The smoke production is thick, full, and draws smokers and non-smokers alike with its delightful aroma. The taste is compared to a luscious piece of dark chocolate and a cup of quadruple-strength espresso.

In the first third, there are notes of cream that evolve into a woody flavor with hints of chocolate and coffee, with a medium finish that is not too overwhelming. During the second, the finish intensifies to a heavier, fuller feeling. Some reviewers stated there was an indescribable note that is hard to place, but really added to their enjoyment of the Camacho Triple Maduro cigar. The chocolate and espresso flavors were much more pronounced with the woody notes taking a backseat during the second third. During the last third, the body of the cigar remained intense. The finish was smooth, with the base woody flavor becoming more distinct, while the other two notes faded slightly. Through the entire smoking experience, aficionados commented on the excellent balance of the different varieties of tobacco, the slight draw resistance, and that indescribable flavor.

Nine out of ten reviewers recommend the Camacho Triple Maduro cigar for its bold look, intense flavors, and jolt to the senses

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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