Review Of The Viaje Zombie Antidote CigarEverything about the Viaje Zombie Antidote is ridiculous, but in a good way. First is the story behind this blend. For a while now, the company’s Zombie line has been managed by Andre Farkas. Farkas considers the line to be a spinoff from the company’s WMD blend, as if these post-apocalyptic blends have been spawned from the WMD’s fallout. This stogie in particular is what Farkas considers to be a natural companion to the WMD.

The next out there thing a smoker is going to notice is the packaging. These stogies come in jars modeled to look like medicine jars, which may be the first time this has ever been done in the industry. They are packaged 24 to a jar and the cigar itself is only available in a single vitola, a 6 1/4 x 44. The Viaje Zombie Antidote is a Nicaraguan puro and is a long, thin cigar. It is medium brown in color and has a few noticeable veins, but is pretty smooth overall. The band is minimalistic, featuring the name of the smoke and a red cross, suggesting that this cigar is the medicine aficionados are looking for. Reviewers say that the pre-light notes consist of some nice chocolate, leather and coffee notes.

The first third of the cigar brings more of the earth and coffee notes to the fore, backed up by some bursts of black pepper. The profile takes a half inch or so to really get going, but once it does, it takes some interesting turns. Before the first third is out, the earth and coffee flavors step aside to let in a combination of chalk and pepper. This pepper also has a savory hint to it that evokes roast beef. 

The black pepper is still around in the second third, but is washed out pretty quickly by an interesting powdered chocolate flavor. There is also a little sweetness on the profile that helps cut into the intense pepper. Aficionados really noticed the pepper on the retrohale, where it is powerful enough to challenge even the most experienced smokers. Near the end of the middle third, the cigar delivers a burst of nicotine that brightens up the profile overall.

During the last third, the profile shifts to a darker set of flavors, including earth, minerals and even more black pepper. The Viaje Zombie Antidote drops the sweetness as well in this part of the cigar, taking off the kid gloves completely. Though the pepper ramps up at points, this stick is medium all the way through, and functions well in both the burn and draw. From the unique packaging to the superb flavor profile, the Viaje Zombie Antidote is sure to create some serious buzz in the industry.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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