An Online Review Of The Nomad S-307 CigarThe Nomad S-307 represents Fred Rewey’s third release and is produced with assistance from Tabacalera Fernandez. The young boutique has been splitting up its production between Nicaragua and the Dominican, and this one is straight out of Nicaragua. It’s an interesting maneuver for the relative newcomer, but it’s a decision that is paying off for the company. As for Rewey, his story is familiar at this point. He’s a former tobacco retailer that decided selling wasn’t enough of a challenge and has chosen to move to the blending side. In multiple interviews, Rewey admitted to being a little naïve to the complexity involved in the shift, but he’s finally settled down and is putting together some excellent work.

Although Rewey has released a couple of other blends since the Nomad S-307, this still represents one of his stronger creations. It is rolled with an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper, an Ecuadorian Habano binder and fillers from Nicaragua. It’s a box-pressed smoke the color of milk chocolate and has some slight veining lacing it. There is also a slight bit of oil though the wrapper is smooth overall. The band is red, black and silver and features the name of the brand in fat, bold type amid some geometric, angular ornamentation. It comes in a few vitolas, including a Robusto (5 x 50), a Toro (6 x 50) and a Torpedo (6 1/2 x 52).

The stogie’s cold draw offers some sweetness, pepper, and natural tobacco flavors. Once the Nomad S-307 is lit up, the profile changes quite a bit, and none of the cold draw flavors are immediately apparent. Instead, the stick’s flavors include some black pepper, earth, and walnut. Before long, the walnut and earth flavors move into the front rank and take over the profile. The pepper soon shifts to a baker’s spice note, and a slight sweet raisin flavor slides into the background.

During the middle third of the stick, the same flavor combination is present though they’re altered a bit in terms of intensity. The walnut flavor slowly fades into the background, and in its place the raisin sweetness swells and joins the earth in a primary role. The baker’s spice produces a nice tingle on the tongue as well though the profile never becomes too spicy.

In the final third of the Nomad S-307, the flavors are especially vivid though there are no major transitions. The earth remains strong in the primary position, but the sweet raisin moves back a bit and takes on a natural tobacco taste. The sweet and walnut flavors fade out completely, but the spice moves into the forefront with the earth, offering a slight bite as the stogie finishes.

It’s a standard medium-bodied smoke that is built extremely well, thanks to Tabacalera Fernandez, and so it is a strong effort by a self-proclaimed blending greenhorn.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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