According to the company, the Nomad DR Classic is the cigar that got it started. It was launched back in 2012 and is now picking up a lot of steam as Fred Rewey’s brand garners attention. According to Rewey, the blend emphasizes the best of Dominican flavors and will be immediately recognizable by anyone who appreciates the country’s tobacco. And though Rewey has shifted his focus to other blends since, he still considers this stick to be among his best.

The Nomad DR Classic has that iconic cinnamon brown look that only an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper can produce. It is finished off with a binder and filler from the Dominican, and the cigar darkens from cap to foot, offering a beautiful, but subtle gradient. There is some slight veining, but the seams are well-hidden, and the smoke has some impressive heft. The red, white and black band looks similar to the bands used on the company’s other sticks, featuring the name of the company in squat, fat type and the company’s mark. Currently, Rewey is rolling the stogie in six sizes, including Vagabond (4 3/5 x 54), Rambler (5 x 50), Renegade (5 1/4 x 54), Perfecto (6 x 51), Torpedo (6 x 52) and Drifter (6 x 60).

The cold draw offers an interesting twosome of flavors. Specifically, it’s a combination of tea and what one reviewer called sweet sawdust. Smokers are used to sweet flavors, and they are used to sawdust, but the combination is not often together. Once lit, the first third keeps some of the sweetness, but the sawdust and tea flavors are left behind. In their place, a mix of bread, wood and spice notes control the profile. After a handful of draws, a cream note emerges and provides the sweet side of the stick from here on out.

During the middle third, the wood note is the most powerful, but it is soon joined by an earthy tone that is slightly damp. In the background, the spice, bread, and cream pull together to create a taste that some aficionados referred to as gingerbread. At the halfway point, the profile shifts a little and the spice and bread flavors increase in power. By the end of the second third, it’s these flavors that control the experience while the wood and earth move into the background with the cream.

In the last third of the Nomad DR Classic cigar, the cigar doesn’t make any big changes. The spice injects some heat into the final draws, and the sweet cream flavor drops out, but other than that, the stick carries on the mix of flavors that defined the stogie in the middle third.

Although this is Rewey’s first commercial blend, you wouldn’t know by looking at it or smoking it. It is a medium bodied stick that burns and draws well and is a worthy freshman attempt from a promising young blender.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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