Nat Sherman Timeless CigarCommemorating the year the Nat Sherman opened his eponymous tobacco store, the Nat Sherman 1930 Collection are a nod to the rich history this company has in the American cigar manufacturing industry. This line is a departure from the company’s usually mild, creamy cigars — it is a feisty, peppery kick to the palate. 

The company wanted a new flavor profile for this line, so they decided on a blend of aged Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos wrapped in a bold Dominican binder and wrapper. They found the combination of tobaccos offer a complexity of flavors, aromas, and strength. This rich cigar has a blend that dazzles the taste buds with notes of spicy pepper and cocoa. The Nat Sherman 1930 Collection comes in five vitolas: Corona (5 ½ x 42), Corona Grande (6 x 46), Rothschild (4 ½ x 52), the Gran Robusto (5 1/4x 54), and the Immenso (7 x 56). 

Aficionados are enjoying this stogie—most giving it a rating of 9.5 out of 10 for its appearance, burn, draw, strength, body and flavor profile. Reviewers stated that the pre-draw held dry notes of spice and leather. After lighting the cigar the leathery flavor receded, and the spicy pepper notes emerged, but were tempered by a subtle sweetness. Some commentators thought they tasted a raw sugar cane flavor, but were unsure as to an absolute taste. A tertiary note of mesquite was also picked up that enhanced the retro-hale of pepper. During the second burn, the pepper notes were very prominent and transformed the stogie from a medium finish to a full-bodied one. The peppery flavors remained all the way through the third burn. Aficionados stated that it was balanced nicely by the subtle sugar cane and mesquite notes. 

The strength of the stogie is not for cigar novices. It is full-bodied and provides a good kick to the senses. Some reviewers stated that following their morning coffees with this cigar helped get them going in the morning. As for burn and draw, it scored very well. It has an exquisite construction with a roasted coffee colored wrapper. The oily complexioned wrapper has some veining and visible seams. It burns evenly and produces a firm, salt and pepper colored ash. During smoking, it required little to no touch-ups. The draw had little resistance to it, but aficionados found it a perfect draw that makes this line of cigars an excellent smoke from pre-draw to the last puff. 

Overall, the Nat Sherman 1930 Collection is a complex line of stogies that delivers on its promises of a great smoking experience. Aficionados stated this cigar was going into their regular rotation because of its timeless flavors and excellent quality. Nat Sherman believed that a good cigar creates a lasting memory, and this collection is a testament to this ideal. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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