Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus Cigars For Sale OnlineThe Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus is a new and limited edition from SAG/Matasa. SAG Imports has a long history in the tobacco industry. Although this company began in Florida in 1993, the heritage of this family started in Cuba in the 1880's. The acronym SAG pays homage to the original family member who began his endeavor into the tobacco industry. It means "Sobrinos de Antero Gonzales" translated as "Descendants of Antero Gonzales". They moved from Miami to Doral, Fl in 1997 where they are proud to be known as a family owned and operated business dedicated to quality, service and reliability.

The Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus is a Nicaraguan Puro, meaning it is purely a Nicaraguan blend. They chose to make this one a limited edition smoke, only releasing 5,000 boxes for retailers. This cigar made its debut in July of 2011. These cigars are a larger, sturdy build at 6 3/8 x 55. They come packaged in a tightly pressed ten count, well-built hinged box with an absolutely beautiful presentation. Because of this fashion of packaging, the Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus is almost perfectly square in shape. The wrapper is sun grown Nicaraguan Jalapa. The cigar has a rich, brown, Colorado coloring and a pigtail cap. Hand rolled, their filler and binder are puro Nicaraguan. Each cigar is well packed with a slight softness when pinched. Quesada and Plasencia were used for blending.

There are some rave reviews from those that have fallen in love with this amazing cigar. The reviewers state that the Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus joins the ranks of some of the greatest sticks ever created. It is constructed beautifully and it is very well balanced with the assortment of amazingly smooth flavors that will invite the aficionado to relish in the complexity of the taste.

For the lucky ones that have had the opportunity to try the Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus, they say that the cold draw has a fruity taste. Some reviewers have likened it to the sweetness of Juicy fruit gum! They all say that the first draw plays favorably on fruity overtones with a peppery spice undertone. This cigar will give off a good amount of smoke. Some like the square shape of the cigar and say that it sits in the mouth well. One reviewer stated that on the first third of the smoke, some areas of his palette that do not normally get stimulated came alive, and that the tip of his tongue had a tanginess that is rare for him while indulging in a cigar.

SAG Imports states that this full bodied cigar is a great choice after a nice and hearty steak dinner. They also felt it could be paired nicely with a single malt Scotch from the Speyside sub-region of the Scotland Highlands. Others felt it was a nice, sweet change of pace from some more spicy and peppery offerings, and that it would be a great desert cigar after a nice dinner.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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