The H Upmann Havoc cigar is really a long-term favorite!The story behind the H Upmann Havoc cigar is a long and illustrious one. Back in 1844, after opening a branch office in Havana, Cuba, a German banker decided upon handing out specially made and imprinted cigars as a promotional banking tool. The venture was so well-received that a company was born to begin importing and finally making their own luxury smokes. The business became successful enough to win seven gold medal awards at seven different international smoking exhibitions for excellence and quality between 1862 and 1893, and these medals are still depicted inside the box today, along with Hermann Upmann’s signature.


The company switched hands in 1922, to come under English control briefly with the firm of J. Frankua, and then finally to Menedez y Garcia Company prior to the nationalization of the Cuban tobacco industry. Though the factory has remained the same, the ownership now resides with Jose Marti. The brand offers a large array of handmade and machine-rolled stogies, with tobaccos from some of the best regions in the world, such as Vuelta Abajo. One of the company’s more quirky claims to fame is that the night before America’s trade embargo with Cuba, President John F. Kennedy requested his secretary to stock up on H Upmann’s before the embargo was in place.


When choosing a stogie or looking for ways to expand one’s horizons with this past-time, there are so many choices that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Finding a quality stick from a notable brand is typically a good place to start, and heeding the reviews that experienced  aficionados have shared is something else to consider when making a choice. Experienced enthusiasts have labeled the H Upmann Havoc cigar as a new generation, unlike the H Upmann’s previous generations have enjoyed, and combining new flavors in bold, unexpected ways.


Created by a highly talented master of luxury tobacco blends, Jose Seijas, H Upmann Havoc cigar begins with a blend of fine Dominican Piloto Cubano binder and Nicaraguan long-filler. This is then snugly bound with a San Andres Criollo ’98 Cuban-seed wrapper (also known as habanos, these wrappers are fermented in the traditional Cuban style). An ornamented label that is stylish and contemporary completes the package.

The wrapper is touted as being sweet and enticing to nibble on, with a woodsy pre-light scent. The draw is also easy on the lips, and the burn line stays even and has no trouble staying lit. The entire stick has a smooth and rich smoke and taste, with a nutty tang and a little bit of spice.  The H Upmann Havoc cigar is said to have a blend of solid earthy and woody notes, as comfortable as a well-worn pair of jeans. This is a medium-bodied cigar, and its solid construction means it will last long enough to enjoy a good card game or a round of golf, and the tastes floating across one’s palate lend themselves well to being paired with a nice single-malt Scotch.  

It is available in four sizes, ranging from the trim Belicoso (6 1/8 X 52), through the Churchill (7 X 57), the compact Robusto (5 X 54), and to the Toro (6 X 54). Searching a favorite online cigar shop to purchase the H Upmann Havoc cigar online will also provide many other items and cigar accessories for one's smoking pleasure.. The neighborhood smoke shop might also carry this well-received brand.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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