Not all cigar lighters are the same. Xikar torches are bold, innovative, and uncomplicated.Why should you use cigar lighters to light your stogies?

Most non-smokers will tell you that all igniters are the same, but is that accurate? Aficionados know that igniters meant for stogies are of a completely different class. Do you want to use a cheap, plastic lighter for your Montecristo?

When it comes to igniters, there are two main points to remember when buying cigar lighters:

Is it hot enough?

Standard flame igniters do not produce a hot enough flame to ignite a stogie evenly and thoroughly. A torch igniter, like Xikar, produces a flame around 1900 degrees, whereas a standard flame will produce a 1400 degree flame.

Can I use it when it's windy?

If it is a standard flame, then be prepared to struggle when an errant breeze comes your way. Torch igniters burn strong and steadily and will not diminish in even the breeziest golf course conditions.

What are the best igniters on the market right now?

Davidoff, Zino, Dupont, Xikar, all names of some of the world’s most renowned torch flame igniters. Xikar is one of the most popular brands because of its durability, power, and reasonable price point. This brand is the epitome of artisanship, style, and function. There is an influx of cheap torch flame igniters from China with pricing under $15. These work fairly well but are plagued with inconsistent temperature production and strength.

Xikar cigar lighters are bold, innovative, and uncomplicated — backed up by an unbeatable reputation for dependability and a lifetime warranty. Their line of torches range from sleek, tech-inspired igniters to masterpiece designs of ancient worlds to edgy engraved pieces that spark both conversation and imagination. Anyone who owns a Xikar lighter knows it is one of the best things to happen to cigars since the invention of fire.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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