Fine CigarsCigar prices can be very different sometimes.  There are many reasons for this.  The way a cigar is made is one of these reasons.  The cheap cigars you buy at corner stores and drugstores are rolled by machines, and they are made with average wrappers and short filler.  Short filler is called short because it does not extend the entire length of the wrapper.  Sometimes it is even shredded. 

The wrappers on cheaper cigars lack the fine aging and sophisticated curing process that more premium brands are known for. 

On the other hand, cigar prices for fine cigars and premium cigars are much, much higher because it takes so much to make them.  For one thing, every part of a fine cigar is made with whole length tobacco that runs the entire length of the cigar.  Both are carefully cultivated, with the wrapper being painstakingly cured and aged over a period of time, much like fine wine, to an absolute perfection of deliberate aroma and taste. 

Only the most experienced—and highly paid-- torcedores are entrusted with the honor or hand-rolling premium cigars.  They labor impeccably to produce cigars that burn evenly and show a clear evidence of superior craftsmanship.   Thus, it not only takes longer to make the tobacco, but also to transform this tobacco into the world’s best cigars. 

Another major determining factor in cigar prices is the makeup of the tobacco itself.  The tobacco that is used for filler, binder, and wrapper are all grown in different countries and often very specific regions of these countries.  Not only must premium tobacco be grown a certain way, it must also be treated a certain way with age-old manufacturer recipes for flavor and aroma. 

Fancy packaging can also inflate cigar prices.  Cigars packed in beveled cedar or mahogany boxes are going to cost more.

In any given cigar store, the general costs of most cigar prices range between $1 a piece to over $20 a piece on finer cigars.  If you have a preferred brand and are shopping for yourself, we recommend that you buy a full box of cigars to get the best prices.  If you are new to smoking, try experimenting wither with a box of cheaper cigars, or buy cigar sampler packs that offer you a blend of mild, medium, and full-bodied choices.   

Please be aware that cigar prices themselves are not always clear indicators of actual cigar quality.  High prices do not mean premium tobacco and manufacture, per se.  Some retailers may not have reliable sources, while others inflate costs for various reasons.  Do business, therefore, with a reputable business entity with a high community and professional rating.  BBB approval is always good to have as well. 

Make sure that an online store has reliable inventory counts listed on its website, and make sure they have a secure server for merchant services.

The highest cigar prices are reserved for those brands that have been around the longest and have earned a reputation among cigar aficionados for being the finest of their kind.  These cigars may cost as much as hundreds of dollars, although these are considered luxuries and not the general norm for even fine tobacco products. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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