Wrapper: Hybrid Ecuador HCHS

(Habano 2000, Corojo, Habana Vuelta Arriba and Sumatra)

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligeros             Origin: Dominican Republic

Binder: Honduran Ligero                                      Strength: Full

Quesada Tributo AlvaroWhen you purchase the Quesada Tributo Alvaro and place it in your humidor, you have purchased a piece of cigar history. Now, many cigar companies could claim this to be true of their own brand, but this cigar was made in honor Alvaro Quesada, Manuel Quesada's deceased brother. The Quesada Tributo Alvaro is just one of the cigars released in this line of cigars that honors men that were not only family, but key movers to the success of the Quesada brand. It is sold in this single size of 6 inch x 52 ring gauge and then beautifully packaged in a box of twenty-four.

The history of the Quesada Tributo Alvaro is as rich as the tobacco used in these cigars. These cigars were also ground breaking in using a hybrid wrapper, something of which has never been done before. The wrapper is made of a blend of four different tobacco leaves. It was found in Eqcuador and has an amazing blend of richness that only this wrapper could produce. The Quesada Family opened SAG Imports in 1993. This enabled them to provide the United States with their cigars that are manufactured in their Matasa Factory. SAG stands for the original member of the family that went into the tobacco business, Sobrinos de Antero Gonzalez/ Decendants of Antero Gonzalez. He went into the tobacco business in Cuba during the 1880's. He and his brother opened a leaf purchasing company. At the beginning of the 19th Century, they parted ways and established two of the largest exporters of Cuban tobacco and continue to compete with each other, continuing on for generations later. When they were forced to leave Cuba because of Fidel Castro's regime, they moved to the Dominican Republic to start over. Subsequently, Manuel Quesada Gonzalez purchased several warehouses. He also built the tobacco leaf business in the Dominican Republic. After a few years in the business, his sons, Alvaro Quesada Penabad and Manuel Quesada Penabad began working with their father, and the family became involved with making the Quesada family a centerpiece in the world of tobacco. In 1974, MATASA, Manufactura de Tabacos, S.A. was established. It was small and had three rollers with Manuel leading the way. Since then, MATASA, SAG and the Quesada Family have grown. They maintain the highest quality of workmanship and only use the best tobacco available. They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve upon the best. That may seem like an insurmountable feat to some companies, but they accept the challenge and prosper beyond what could be imagined.

The Quesada Tributo Alvaro has a dark mahogany wrapper. The wrapper itself is an Ecuador grown wrapper made up of Habano 2000, Corojo, Habana Vuelta Arriba, and Sumatra. This blend lends to the richness and full body experience you have with this cigar. The wrapper has medium sized veins running throughout. It feels solid in construction with no soft spots. It is made with fillers from Dominican and Nicaraguan ligeros, and the binder is made of Honduran ligero. The flavors are a consistent blend of earth and spice. There is a flavorful sweetness in the background, followed by notes of coffee and pepper. There are woody notes as well. The draw is very smooth. The burn was straight and needed no touch-ups. The ash held together well, was a medium gray color and produced a lot of creamy smoke. The Quesada Tributo Alvaro is a very complex cigar and would be best suited for a seasoned cigar smoker.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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