Wrapper: Hybrid Ecuador HCHS

(Habano 2000, Corojo, Habana Vuelta Arriba and Sumatra)

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligeros         Origin: Dominican Republic

Binder: Honduran Ligero                                  Strength: Full

Quesada Tributo Alvaro CigarThese Quesada Tributo Cigars are not available online. however if you contact us you can purchase them via mail order from one of our friendly cigar experts.

The Quesada Tributo Alvarito is a tribute cigar to Alvaro Quesada Jr. It is only the second time the Quesada family has placed their name on any cigar they have produced. The Quesada Tributo Alvarito comes in one size, 4 ½ inch x 40 ring gauge. As with the other Quesada Tributo cigars in the line, this too is made with the hybrid wrapper.

When the Quesada family chose to release this line, they painstakingly went out in search of something different. They found, in Ecuador, a blend that would be the perfect wrapper. It is made up of Habana 2000, Corojo, Habana Vuelto Arriba and Sumatra. Then they chose to use the best ligero from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic to complete this cigar. Alvaro Quesada Jr. is the son of Alvaro, and the nephew of Manuel. He was also part of the 5th Generation of the Quesada family and their legacy. He, along with three others were tragically killed in a plane accident in April 2002. The Quesada Tributo Alvarito cigar bears the name Alvarito in honor of him. The family legacy began back in Cuba in the 1880's. Antero Gonzalez and his brother went into the tobacco business. During the first part of the next century, Antero and his brother went their separate ways, but both businesses continued to thrive. During the rise of Fidel Castro, they were forced to flee Cuba and went to the Dominican Republic. Shortly after they arrived and started over, Manuel Quesada Gonzalez started purchasing warehouses and established his business in tobacco leaves. Soon his family joined him in the endeavor. MATASA opened it's doors in 1974. In 1993, they opened SAG Imports in Florida. SAG stands for Sobrinos de Antero Gonzalez/ Decendants of Antero Gonzalez. It is in honor of their founder, Antero Gonzalez. This allowed them to offer the cigars they made at their MATASA facilities to us here, in the U.S. The Quesada family has always had a passion for cigars and the people that enjoy them. There isn't a truer example of that than with the production of the Tributo line. In fact, when the family decided to release this line at the ProCigar Festival, they had some of the attendees first smoke surullos that were each filled with one of the three components before enjoying the final product. This line is a limited production line.

When you pick up the Quesada Tributo Alvarito, you get a sense that this isn't just any other cigar. From the rich dark brown color with golden highlights, to the weightiness of it, you know you have a special cigar in your hand. The wrapper has a fair amount of oiliness to it, and veins run throughout the wrapper. It feels tightly packed, but there is still a slight give to it. The wrapper has an aroma of leather and earth. The blend used to make the wrapper is a one of a kind. It is the first time this has ever been done. The draw is tight during the whole smoke, and loosens only slightly towards the end. In the first third, there are the same flavors as noted in the aroma of the wrapper, leather and earth. There is also a presence of cedar. There are hints of sweet cocoa and a blend of oak and grasses. Into the second third, the cedar starts to mellow a bit and there is no sweetness present. There is a pepper that is coming through, which, in turn, makes this cigar pick up a notch on the spiciness. In the final portion the cedar is most prominent, and there are some notes of various fruits. The burn is fairly even and the ash is a dark gray. This cigar did not produce a ton of smoke. The Tributo line is known to be a complex line of cigars, and the Quesada Tributo Alvarito does not waiver from that. Having said that, this is definitely a full body cigar and would be best enjoyed by a seasoned cigar aficionado.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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