For those people that pose the biggest problem on the list, unique gift baskets can be the answer. Many times, there is a holiday, birthday, or other special occasion that requires a present. Sometimes, the gift giver has no clue what to get them. These can make for very awkward situations, and it can make the decision making process quite difficult. However, putting together an array of great cigars for that hard to please person on the list can be a problem that is solved quite easily.

Unique gift baskets of cigars can range in price depending on what types of cigars that are going to be included. There are many different price points available. The person giving the gift can spend as much or as little as they would like. Many cigar companies offer premade sets. Customized selections are always an option as well. There are several options for different sizes and flavors of cigars. If the recipient’s choices are not really known, then a sampler can be put together.

Another great idea for unique gift baskets of cigars would be to include the accessories that any connoisseur is sure to enjoy. Items like tubes, holders, lighters, and cutters are things that all smokers need. Another great option to add would be a humidor. A travel size humidor would definitely be appreciated by all cigar smokers. Because a cigar must remain humid until it is smoked, this would be perfect for a man or a woman that enjoys a stick away from home. The person on the list this year that receives such a thoughtful present will be quite happy.

Unique gift baskets containing cigars can also be put together by flavor profiles. Many cigars feature different flavors and notes that might appeal to one person but not another. Many of the more common flavors of notes include cedar, pepper, cocoa, cinnamon, and cream. Some cigars are defined by one dominant flavor throughout and known as simple on the complexity scale while others may have many flavors that tantalize the palette throughout the length of the cigar. This type of stick is better known as a more complex smoke.

Sometimes a person might want to thank someone for his or her time and efforts. This would be a great present to give to those on that list. Some examples of the hardworking recipients would be the local mailman, the boss, or even a business acquaintance. It would be an appropriate and thoughtful gesture to present one of these great unique gift baskets of cigars upon the next meeting. This will make those receiving the celebratory present very grateful.

This is a perfect selection for that person on the list who has everything. This is also great for those that proclaim that they do not need or want a present. Unfortunately, these people tend to make it very difficult for those trying to decide upon a present that would be appropriate and appreciated. This is a great way to say thanks, congratulations, or welcome to anyone for any occasion. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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