Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra                             Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf Origin: Honduras

Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Pilato Cubano        Strength: Rich Medium Full

Punch Rare Corojo CigarsThe Punch Rare Corojo cigar is a cigar that Punch releases every year in February. This cigar tends to baffle most. Having a Sumatra wrapper, this Corojo cigar makes one wonder about the flavor before they light it. This stick had a reddish color to it, with two flat sides that feel nice in the hand. It is a well-packed cigar with no hard or soft spots. Often this cigar is referred to as beautiful. The band has elegant red and gold art, reminding one of royalty a bit, yet not too flashy. The cap is effortless to cut. The construction of the Punch Rare Corojo cigars holds together the entire time they are burned. The cold draw is perfect and has a sweet way about itself. One will notice that there is a light touch of pepper when passed through the nose, which most likely comes from the Sumatra wrapper. There are seven Punch cigars in this line.

Several reviews online say this about this beautiful smoke: Once lit this beautiful cigar holds your interest, being much more of an earthy, sweet cocoa flavor. After a few puffs there is a predominantly dark chocolate Maduro flavor about this stick that is quite nice. The Punch Rare Corojo cigar is easy smoking yet becomes more complex with each puff. Some will notice a touch of coffee throughout the smoking experience. The smoke is nice and thick, leaving a very creamy aftertaste on the palate. There is absolutely no harshness to this cigar at all. The ash is strong and will hold on until it is tapped off, with a really light gray, almost white color about it. While being smoked the cigar still has a noticeable note of pepper to it in the nose, which is still not too strong, rather it is found to be quite smooth on the nasal passage. This stick has an even burn, and there is no need for touching it up or relighting it. There is a surprisingly delicious hint of cherry to the aftertaste, which is rich and creamy. The first noticeable flavor upon being lit is a chocolate woodiness, that some would refer to as earthy. The draw after puffing on this cigar has just the right amount of pull to it.

The conclusion to the Punch Rare Corojo cigar is that it is a beautifully constructed seasonal cigar. It is a very smooth cigar that many admire and enjoy smoking. This stick has just as much flavor prior to lighting as it does while being smoked. The color of the cigar has a red tone to it with a very sophisticated band. This cigar is more complex with each draw, and the flavor doesn’t subside. The flavor of this cigar is consistent, and has a mildly earthy way about it. There is a hint of coffee to this cigar, as well as cocoa. The cigar burns even and the ash is nice and strong, being almost white in color. The Punch Rare Corojo cigars are highly recommendable cigars that will “Wow” ones palate with its very creamy aftertaste that reveals a hint of cherry.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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