Wrapper: Connecticut Shade                                 Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf Origin: Honduras

Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Pilato Cubano          Strenth: Smooth Full

Punch Grand CruThe Punch cigar line originated in 19th Century Cuba, thus the Punch Grand Cru cigar fillers are grown from Cuban seed tobacco with the finest taste in mind, often referred to as the pride of the Punch line of cigars. The all-natural wrappers are grown and harvested in Ecuador and are known to only add to the strength of the cigar. This line has seven tasty cigars in it. The variations are as follows:


Color: EMS Size: 6 ¼” X 50


Color: Natural Size: 6 ¾” X 54


Color: EMS Size: 6 ¾” X 48

No. II

Color: EMS Size: 6 1/8” X 54

No. II

Color: Maduro Size: 6 1/8” X 54


Color: English Claro Size: 5 ¼” X 50


Color: Maduro Size: 5 ¼” X 50

Here are some of the things being said about this Punch Cigar: These cigars are considered one of the silkiest of the Hondurans, being extremely smooth, and no veins to be seen. The wrapper is dark and has an oily, sleek feel. The Punch grand Cru cigar band is an attractive red, gold, and black, and the cigars themselves are expertly rolled. The band is a classy lend of elegance to compliment such a beautiful cigar. The pre lit cigar has a sweet, caramel aroma. Upon its cold draw this stick has a rich, yet mellow taste to it, before and during the smoke of the cigar.

Once lit this cigar has an easy draw that produces a perfect amount of smoke with little effort to get it. The ash of this cigar holds as nice and strong, with a light gray color. The ash holds on until tapped off. The burn is even and doesn’t need work, or to be relit. Within the first few puffs the flavor reveals a graham cracker and spice like taste that makes one think of a pumpkin pie during the holidays, and gets spicier with every puff, as with most good cigars. It starts with a subtle, yet smooth flavor that is consistent through the entire smoking of Punch Grand Cru cigars.

Once into the second half of this nearly perfect cigar, there is a slight creamy flavor and a note of spice that is quite pleasing. When approaching the head of Punch Grand Cru cigar, be forewarned, as this cigar tastes so good you won’t want to put it down. They are rarely finished with more than an inch or two remaining. This cigar is a very slow burning stick, it is recommended that time is set aside to fully focus on the sweet flavors found while enjoying one. The Creaminess becomes more apparent at the head of this cigar as it is finished.

This cigar is a perfect combination of tobacco flavor. The Punch Grand Cru Cigars are recommended for the beginners and experienced smokers alike. It has a consistent flavor throughout the smoking experience and tastes so good you will have to be careful not to burn yourself. It is a very slow burning cigar that is considered an everyday favorite.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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