Punch Gran PuroPunch Gran Puro is an all Honduran cigar that is extra-dark and extra-bold, sealed in a Havana-seed wrapper and is developed especially for this cigar in the quaint richness of the San Agustin Valley of Honduras. The Punch Gran Puro is manufactured with 100 per cent Honduran grown tobaccos. The unique and uncommon blend offers a complete medium to full bodied smoke, with an earthly bouquet.

The binder of the Punch Gran Puro, as well as the wrapper leaves, are grown in the sun and specially selected from the highest priming’s to ensure its special color and flavor. The result is the puro of puros, which in other terms means it is a cigar that is impossible to imitate. This unique cigar has a round, yet spicy taste with just a slight hint of natural cinnamon that originates from the exclusive soil of the San Agustin Valley.

Punch cigars made their debut in Honduras in the late 1960's after Castro gained control of Cuba. However, they originated in Cuba in the 19th century. Today they are extremely popular and are actually the preferred cigar of aficionados worldwide. The Punch Gran Puro humidor box expresses this stick of flavor's rich heritage with an elegant medallion that features a classic illustration of Mr. Punch and his loyal dog Toby. In the tobaccos that are used in the crafting of the PURO cigars, the blend is from a single nation. This awesome cigar is a genuine puro cigar that is now produced under the guidance of cigar master Frank Llaneza for the Villazon Company in Honduras.

Punch sure lives up to its name because it has a bold, full-bodied taste that appeals to those who follow the beat of their own drum, rather than following the pied piper, so to say. The wrapper is a full-flavored leaf that is grown in Ecuador, while the filler is a blend of rich Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos. The tobaccos are exclusively all sun-grown which ensures its special color and flavors, and is also a very straightforward, no-nonsense type of cigar. Making it the type of cigar that you would expect Mr. Punch to be indulging in.

Punch cigars are spreading around good cheer this holiday season, and they make the perfect gift for that special person in your life that loves a good cigar. The Gran Puro cigar is quite a memorable smoke, and is especially enjoyed by experienced cigar smokers everywhere.

The Punch Gran Puro has a balance of moderate strength and flavor, which makes this cigar an excellent choice for both beginning and experienced smokers alike. The flavor is consistent throughout the cigar while smoking it, and you will sincerely not want to lay it down until it is finished. The flavor of this cool little cigar will remain mellow and flavorful after aging them in a humidor for at least several months. It is a well-made cigar and has an even burn, and the draw is very easy as well. The construction of this particular cigar is very good and will provide the utmost enjoyment by smokers everywhere.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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