WHY ARE YOU WHISPERING? I always think the customer has a secret to tell me when he walks in and asks in his softest voice, You guys have Cubans? My current answer is, Nope. I then get the sense from them that I was a little too quick with my short response. The customer is not happy with me. In my defense, ever since President Obama eased travel restrictions, we get this question all day long so I get a little grumpy at having answered the same question all the time. OK, I know, poor me!!! I promise to have a better attitude after today. The longer answer I am forced to give is the story of how the President eased travel restrictions and by doing so now allows folks who visit Cuba to bring back $100 worth of cigars and/or alcohol. So to be clear, you can only bring back Cuban products if you visit Cuba on a sanctioned trip. I tell them that the Embargo is still in effect and we cannot import or sell Cuban products. Congress has to act on that and there is current no real sign of anything happening on that. So when you are vacationing in Mexico or the Bahamas or whatever foreign country other than Cuba the rule does not apply to you. Sad to say, but that is the current state of the law. So after all that, maybe my bad attitude comes from the fact that I am not a huge fan of Cuban cigars. Maybe that comes from the fact that I have not smoked a ton of them and moreover, I cannot sell them so I just don�t get that involved with them. Customers and friends offer them to me all the time and I just never get that excited. I always think they are fakes so I really don�t want to waste my time with that. Man, I have a bad attitude� Speaking of fakes, I bet less than 1 out of 25 Cuban cigars that customers come in and show me are genuine. I feel terrible that they spent money on them but guide them to the counterfeit galleries so they can determine their authenticity themselves. I really think that the even the merchants overseas don�t know they are selling fakes. It is a worldwide issue. The only place to be sure you get authentic Cuban cigars is a La Casa del Habanos store. We may just see some relief toward the end of President Obama's term. I have a feeling congress might be ready to remove the embargo by then. Hopefully sooner.

POSTED ON Feb 17, 2019


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