Prometheus Cigar Cutters For Sale at a discount!Prometheus cigar cutters are known worldwide for their superb high quality and their cutting edge design. Created in the year 1992 this brand was named after the Greek God of Fire, Prometheus who stole fire from Mt. Olympus and gave it to mankind. A Prometheus cigar cutter offers the cigar smoker a perfect cutter that will give you the cut you want and require.

These cigar cutters have stainless steel blades that are designed and produced by skilled master blade makers. Known and respected all over the world for their workmanship, sharpness, durability, and cutting precision, the high quality and sleekness of these cutting tools make them among the most modern and sought after blades available today. Elegance and efficiency combined with their unique design are the essential attributes that many smokers declare are necessary for a perfect cigar cutter. The popularity of these fine tools among cigar smoking enthusiasts proves that the “H” line has all of these great attributes and then some. The Prometheus “H” cigar cutters have a comfortable design and sharp blades that will give you crisp, clean cuts on your cigars every time.

The Cutter “H”' design is so sleek, however, that it not immediately obvious how to use it – but once you get the hang of it you’ll never think twice about it again.

1. Before you use any cigar cutter, though, you must first moisten the cigar just a bit by moistening your lips and then placing the stogie into your mouth—a good time to preview the flavors and test the draw.

2. Then, to operate the Cutter hold it between your thumb and forefinger.

3. You will push the release button which is located on the top, front side, with your index finger, making the two handles pop out from the sides.

4. Grasp those handles, position the cutter hole over the cigar head, and you are ready to cut your favorite cigar.

5. A gentle squeeze and you should be ready to light up with your preferred cigar lighter.

The well-crafted blades allow you to achieve the cleanest and most precise cut ever on a cigar. The huge opening allows you to cut fairly large cigars such as Sencillo Gigante, without any problem.

The slim and sleek design fits perfectly into your pocket which makes the Cutter “H” series an ideal gift idea for any holiday or special occasion gift giving. They are also available in several different varieties sure to please every taste: black lacquer, vertical engine turn, barley and wave. When you own and use Prometheus cigar cutters, you possess elegance and quality because they are not your ordinary cigar cutters.

The journey you are about to experience will take you on an excursion so amazing you will be on top of cloud nine! The quality of cutter you use does make a difference to your smoking experience, so be sure to use one that is precision designed and sharp. It doesn’t hurt if it also has style and allure--not just any ole' cutter. Prometheus cigar cutters are the answer for you. Like anything new, these sleek “H” series cutters may seem daunting to you in the beginning, but once you get used to them, it will be like riding a bicycle, you will never forget how. Check your favorite online cigar store today for a selection of these fine cigar accessories.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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