Buy Prometheus Ashtrays OnlinePrometheus ashtrays are an elegant work of art and will enhance your surroundings and complement the rest of your cigar accessories. The Prometheus ashtray is made of 100 per cent crystal in Tuscany, Italy by only the best skilled and master artisans.

In the early years, Prometheus only had products that consisted of cigarette and cigar lighters, and so they named their company after the Greek God of Fire for obvious reasons. Throughout the years, though, their products have expanded to astound every cigar aficionado in the world and now include an array of cigar ashtrays to choose from, such as bone china ashtrays as well as the beautiful and unique line of crystal ashtrays. Their most recent foray has been the addition of fine cigars to enjoy along with their accessories.

Prometheus' collection of exquisite cigar accessories is sold at the most prestigious cigar shops all around the world in 25 countries as well as at your favorite online cigar shop. The people at Prometheus make their customers’ happiness and satisfaction with their elite products their foremost goal, and welcome you into their realm with open arms. Because of their emphasis on quality, only the finest of products are ever found in their inventory. They strive for this quality in all of their products even as they strive to exceed them!

Prometheus ashtrays are made with pure crystal that has more than 24 percent lead content. The transparency of a Prometheus ashtray is second to none and with the variety of their unique and modern designs, it makes them a genuine work of art. Prometheus has taken the cigar world by storm with their elegance and their unique and prime collection of not only ashtrays, but also of many other cigar accessories. They are known and respected all over the world for top quality products.

The various types of ashtrays that are available include the Prometheus Montecarlo crystal ashtray, Habana crystal, Albatros black crystal, Albatros crystal, Concord crystal, Cubano crystal, Drop crystal, Hystorica square, Hystorica rectangular, Quadri rectangular, Quadri square, Sky Building rectangular, Sky Building square, Tres black crystal, Tres blue crystal and Tres crystal. No matter which type you choose to purchase, the variety of ashtrays is amazing. Theses cigar ashtrays are all wonderful and skillfully made, so they are a compliment to your home or office décor. These are definitely not just “some” ashtray; they are Prometheus, which means prestige and elegance in the cigar world. Cigar smokers worldwide respect the Prometheus brand for what it stands for – quality and elegance.

Prometheus ashtrays are a step above all other cigar ashtrays made anywhere in the world. The price is a bit expensive but with the high quality and prestige owning one of these beauties gives you, it is most definitely worth the investment! These awesome ashtrays are also a great gift idea for someone in your circle, just fill them with different accessories such as torch lighters, breath fresheners, fragrance lamps, cigar cutters, or cigar tubes and this will make one hot and amazing gift. Just think, your good friend may also return the beautiful gift to you when it is your turn: what an awesome thought!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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